Wordless Wednesday : My black cat Midnight wears a lei

Wordless Wednesday : My black cat Midnight wears a lei

My black cat Midnight wears a lei

Midnight peers over my shoulder. “What are you doing to my selfie?”

“I’m adding a lei.”

“What?” Midnight rumbles.  “You can’t do that!!! I’m a tomcat!  You humans are crazy! Can’t you see that is humiliating to a tomcat!”

“Don’t you think you look cute?”

“Cute?!!! No!!! A tomcat doesn’t look cute. Tough, yes.  Fierce, yes.  Cute, no! What do you think I am? A kitten?”

“Awww, come on, Midnight.  Be a sport.  It’s for an Aloha Kitty Summer giveaway on Instagram.  And they have fabulous prizes.   But I have to take a picture of you looking all Hawaaiin or summery.”

“Why me?  Pinkie is has the double X-chromosomes.  Put flowers on her.”

“Pinkie is a calico and her orange fur would clash.  Besides it could be worse.  I could have put a real lei on you.”

Midnight flexes his claws. “That would have been awesome.  I’d love to shred a lei.”

“What do you have against flowers? Besides look at all these prizes.  Wouldn’t it be cool if I won one?”

1. Prize Pack US
@petcube – Petcube Bites Silver

2. Prize Pack Europe
@frontline.uk – FRONTLINE Pet Care Range
@vivipet.europe – Two Orange Plates

3. Prize Pack Europe
@petsafe_uk – ScoopFree Litter Tray
@petsonplace – One Bowl
@ami_cattoys – One Custom Made Toy

4. Prize pack US
@fhasso_bedding_pets – Stylish Pet Bed
@necoichi.us – Hariko Collar
@petsunitedus – Custom Phone Case

5. Prize Pack Worldwide
@petionpet – Cat Litter Scoop + Cat Litter + Wet Wipes Pack
@furreverfluffs – One Bowtie
@sebbyscorner – A Charm

6. Prize Pack Worldwide
@kittiesthatlunch – Box with Goodies for The Cat
@haliegrl – Drawing
@furreverfluffs – One Flowertie
7. Prize pack US
@contempocat – Bed Scratcher
@themunchiecat – Catnip Wine and Cheese Set with Crinkle and Bells
@pawtree – The Jet Setter

8. Prize Pack France Only
@ecovacs_france – DEEBOT 900 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

9. Prize Pack Worldwide
@aveljewelry – A Surprise Collar
@cat.frenzy – Drawing
@catso.co – One Bandana

10. Prize Pack Worldwide
@rosyhanasaki – Drawing
@lunakittycollars – A Collar
@mypetcanva – Transparent Phone Case

11. Prize Pack US and Canada
@hushmood.official – Grey Scratching Bed
@catladybox – Goodie Box for Both
Cat Lady and Kitties

12. Prize Pack Worldwide
@always_whiskered – Egg Blanket Only
@kinderwool – One Custom Toy of Your Cat 4cm
@arthemisclothing – One Jumper

Giveaway open worldwide until 20 June 2019″

I read the list to Midnight. He’s a smart cat but I’m not sure he can read.  Considers my diary left out on my desk.  At least, I hope he can’t read.

Midnight comments, “Too bad we don’t live in France.  That prize number 8 is a robot vacuum cleaner.  I’d love to ride one of those.”

“Uh-huh. I’d love it too.  I thought you’d go for #1 the Petcute.  It’s a camera that throws treats at you.”

Midnight looks over at me, “Why do I need a camera to throw treats at me.  I have you.  Speaking of which, it’s time for a treat now!”


If you want to try the giveaway, you have until June 20th.  I like this giveaway because it’s international and has a lot of stuff for cats – a lot of the pet giveaways are more dog oriented.

It’s more of a raffle than a giveaway as you take your chances.  Here are the things you have to do on Instagram:

✔Follow all hosts
✔Follow Sponsors of the prize packs you would like to win
✔Tag 3+ active friends in the comments, and tell us your country
✔Post a picture of your cat in Hawaiian / Summer Theme and use #alohasummerkitty
✔Follow All Sponsors
✔Repost this giveaway on your story and tag ALL the hosts

After you follow the hosts and sponsors, then in the comments, each comment that you tag 3 friends (other cat instagram folks) will count as one entry.  Don’t forget to post a picture of your cat with a Hawaiian flair like tucking a flower behind your cat’s ear.

If you have an instagram account, you can follow me at @cactus_catz and I will follow you back.

Wish me luck on the giveaway.  If I win something for Midnight, maybe it will soothe his tomcat pride.


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29 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday : My black cat Midnight wears a lei”

    1. Midnight purrs thank you. Loves people think he is fierce.

      Hope you’re having a great week

      1. I can imagine, he is a tough nut from outside, and a gentle soul from inside. He is so gorgeous, and I love, looking at all his pictures.

        Do you think Midnight and Mishka-Laila would make good friends?
        We are at mishkalaila_tails on Insta. What’s your handle Midnight?

        Much love Mary. <3

        1. Yes, I think they would make awesome friends. I’ll go over there now and follow you. Midnight and Pinkie show up at @cactus_catz

  1. Hahaha! You just made me smile & chuckle a lot! 🙂 Midnight is adorable and the lei suits him well, me thinks! 😉

    Hope you win the giveway!! (By the way, sorry for my absence. Life got a bit crazy around here and I wasn’t online much at all…. hopefully I’m back on track now. Great to be reading your posts again!)

    Sending much love to you & yours! ♥

    1. Laughing, I think Midnight looks adorable too even though he’s not happy about being called adorable being a tomcat an dall.

      No worries. I know how life can get busy.

  2. What a fab giveaway!
    I think you’re right about the lei clashing with Pinkie’s colours, whereas it looks purrrrfect on Midnight (he’ll come around to thinking the same, eventually…maybe ?)xx

    1. It’s not my fault black goes with everything. Laughing. He is still a tad grumpy this morning but a treat will fix that up.

    1. Laughing, I do too but a lot of people have entered because it’s worldwide so it’s doubtful. Still it was fun to “dress up” Midnight.

  3. I can see the moms logic here. Look at the great prizes. You need to take one for the team, Midnight.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Hope you had a purrfect Wordless Wednesday. My best to your mom. ♥

    1. Yeah, see Midnight. Sandee agrees with me.”

      Thanks, Sandee and hope you’re having a great week!

    1. Midnight purrs, “At least she thinks I’m fierce. She is obviously a lady of great discernment.”

  4. You look very cute, Midnight, in a mancatly way of course. That is a very good giveaway. When we came back from Hawaii I had an artificial lei. I wound it twice around Flynn’s neck and he surprised me by posing prettily in it.

      1. Midnight shakes his head, “That ain’t right. We’re mancats! I hope you shredded it! Toms against Leis Unite!”

    1. Midnight looks aghast, “He was fine with it? I don’t think so!” (Mary says, “Eric looked great. Now why can’t you pose like that, Midnight?) Midnight jumps down off the chair and walks off.

    1. Midnight grumbles, “Adorable!!! I’m a tomcat!” (Mary laughs, Thank you theresaly. I think so too.)

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