Monday Meows : Midnight relaxing

Monday Meows : Midnight relaxing

Midnight, my black cat, hanging out

It’s interesting seeing how Midnight and Pinkie behavior is different in a new environment when we travel. When we were in Los Gatos, Midnight relaxed on the trailer’s sofa until he decided to take over the bed and leave Pinkie the front room. Pinkie thought that was a good deal until I went to sleep and then she wasn’t happy about it and would sneak in and slide under the covers. She never sleeps under the covers at home but I think she figures that if Midnight doesn’t see her, he wont’ care if she’s there.  And it works if he doesn’t see her. However, there was some hissing and snarling if she wasn’t covert enough. It’s funny because at home, Pinkie has the bed and Midnight has the front room.  Now Midnight meows sometimes at night because he misses me after I go to bed but he doesn’t try to sneak in like Pinkie did in California.

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17 Replies to “Monday Meows : Midnight relaxing”

  1. Charlee: “Stealth and silence are the keys to sneaking around so your siblings don’t catch you, Pinkie.”
    Chaplin (jumps out at Charlee): “Boo!”
    Charlee: “See, take Chaplin here. I heard him coming a mile away. So don’t be like Chaplin.”

    1. Pinkie looks at Chaplin, “That’s not how you sneak around but I like your technique. Scare them and they will run away and then you don’t have to sneak. Great Idea!”

    1. They have a statue there of a cat so next time I’ll have to look for it. You know, I’d been there a few times before it connected that it meant “The Cat”

    1. Pinkie and MIdnight purrs hellow back to you and Spike. I don’t know about great to travel with them — once I get there, it’s much better. I just can’t leave them behind for long periods of time. It doesn’t seem fair to me. I think they do like the smell of new places but they miss home. Pinkie loves my bed.

  2. What a good looking kitty. They have their personalities and it’s ever so precious. It all has to do with you though. I like that the very best.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Awww Monday and week. My best to your mom. ♥

    1. Midnight purrs thank you! Yeah, they do have their personalities.

      I love your Awww Monday! HOpe you’re had a great weekend and coming week too.

  3. Mary,

    It looks like you gave your blog a make over, did you? Those cats are funny critters. Cats will own just about anything their human pets claim as theirs. They are probably worse than kids crowding you. lol

    1. I have several blogs. You’ve probably been over at Cactus Haiku while this is Cactus Catz. I started with one but they keep saying focus on one topic so I split it. Then the same thing happened because I am interested in so many things so I split again. I feel like an amoeba who keeps splitting. Thinks about it. I wish I could do that with myself — split so both selves could be half the weight. Of course, I’m hoping the other self will do the housework. Ah well.

      Yeah, I agree about cats. Midnight is driving me crazy at the moment. He sees me typing and he thinks I ought to stop and pet him so he’s grumbling here next to me. But I just had him on my lap and my leg went to sleep so I told him he needs to take a break from petting or lose some weight. Midnight just grumbled some more, lol.

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