K is for Kitten

K is for Kitten

This is a photo of Pinkie back in 2012.  she is not quite a kitten any more but it’s the youngest I have of her. She was a lot thinner back then and used to chase the birds and prairie dogs all the time. I had just bought a little olympus digital camera. Not great but it did the job.

We don’t have a photo of Pinkie as a kitten. Pinkie was a rescue cat but she rescued mom too.  My dad’s cancer had come back and he knew he was dying so he went to the humane society and got a calico cat for mom because he knew she would be lonely. Dad knew mom’s favorite kind of cat was a calico because we used to have a calico when I was growing up. Within a month of getting Pinkie he went into the hospital for the last time and passed. It was a difficult time as my parents had been together for more than 50 years but having Pinkie helped mom. Pinkie was always herself but also a symbol to mom of dad’s love.

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26 Replies to “K is for Kitten”

    1. I think it was sweet of my dad to do so too. He was very considerate of my mom. Pinkie waves thank you.

  1. I forgot and used WordPress to comment the first time so have done it again with blogger. Maybe WordPress will surprise us and you will get the comment twice!
    Pinkie is a true gift of love.

    1. Yayyy! It looks like my comments are going through with WordPress and Blogger. Now if only if only it would name my comments as Memories of Eric and Flynn instead of Eric Flynn…but we are getting there. Just trying something else to see if that works.

        1. I’ll leave the extra comments up. You’re not the only one who’s had trouble leaving comments on sites. This way people know they’re not the only ones. Plus you figured it out. How did you do it?

  2. Pinkie is beautiful but the story of your parents is even more so. My in-laws also had a calico cat.

    1. Thank you. Pinkie waves thank you too. . Calico cats are very cool. I bet your in-laws cat is very pretty.

    1. I thought it was very special of my dad. He was very thoughtful towards my mom. I bet they are happily playing bingo together upstairs.

    1. I think she looks young there too. Definitely thinner. That’s when she used to chase all the birds. She had so much energy back then.

  3. Wow. That was a heartbreaking but also heartwarming story! A very special gift indeed to have Pinkie right there, knowing she was a gift from his heart. So sorry for your loss!

    1. One of the hardest thing about getting older is people pass. Since i believe in an afterlife, I believe they are no longer in pain and are having a good time which is a good thing. Yes, Pinkie was a special gift for my mom and now for me in my turn.

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