Feline Friday : Playing with Pinkie

Feline Friday : Playing with Pinkie

Second time I’ve erased my phone videos accidentally instead of copying them because I was looking at the wrong folder and thought I had already copied them. Shakes my head. My first 4 Pinkie videos by phone. Luckily I had already uploaded one to Instagram so that one still exists out in the universe. Here it is! I know it’s a bit dark but I don’t know how to change the settings on my phone. I’m a bit of a luddite with my phone — if I can’t just press a button, I’m lost.

What do you think of my Pinkie video?



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18 Replies to “Feline Friday : Playing with Pinkie”

    1. you’re nutty. You did not play with the tree swallows under the quilt. lol. I was actually looking for the tree swallow you-tube video you showed me for a haiku post but couldn’t find it. you know the one that looked like a hurricane. i found one that was close but not quite the one you showed me.

  1. Pinkie was having fun for sure 🙂 What a pity you erased the videos. I seem to have “lost” a whole bunch of photos from a few years ago, the files are on the computer but they are empty…I’ve searched in the Recycle bin but only found a few which I reverted to origin, but I’m upset about the others.

    1. I can understand that about lost files. I have some photographs stuck in my old computer that I used for years but won’t reboot. Sighs. So I understand how upset you feel

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