Feline Friday : Pinkie takes a bath

Feline Friday : Pinkie takes a bath

Not the greatest video in the world but I love my Pinkie, she’s so cute!

Comedy Plus does a great Feline Friday!  If you love cats, come join the blog hop!

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26 Replies to “Feline Friday : Pinkie takes a bath”

  1. Charlee: “We have to admit, we were very concerned that this bath was going to involve water.”
    Chaplin: “So we are very happy to see that it is a proper bath.”
    Charlee: “Well done, Pinkie!”

    1. Yeah, that’s the nice thing about cats. And they purr and play. I’ve heard rag dolls are very affectionate and lovely cats

      1. I haven’t met one yet, they are very high on the autism scale and very much loners, tend to be quite nervy, till the family gather at any point and they like to come and sit with you, sometimes not. They don’t like being stroked too long, nor do they like change, strangers, or lots of movement. They do love sleeping longer than most cats though. They are affectionate in a different way- they like to be where you are.

        1. Oh my Pinkie is like that. She doesn’t like to be picked up or on a lap but she likes to be close. When I read something that said rag doll were affectionate, I just assumed they jump on laps and like to be held. I guess I jumped to the wrong assumption.

  2. Ha, I thought Pinkie was going to take a bubble bath. I got Dexter used to a warm washcloth bath. Sometimes I think cats are cleaner than me.

    1. I definitely think my cats are cleaner than me, lol. Pinkie especially is always washing up. I’ve never tried the warm washcloth bath. I might try that with Midnight. He’s a little more patient than Pinkie and boy does he lose a lot of hair. He’s a shedder and maybe a washcloth might help.

        1. Your cats always seem so sweet. Maybe I should send Pinkie over there so she can learn to be as nice as them. Thinks about it. Nah, Pinkie and I would miss each other too much.

    1. That’s great. I think they’ll enjoy it. They can get the script from the bottom and put it in the text, not visual, section of their post and it will appear on their page so their friends can join directly that way too on their page

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