Feline Friday : Pinkie reads a book

Feline Friday : Pinkie reads a book

Pinkie, the book critic (my calico cat)

I love reading in bed.  I’m an escapist reader into mysteries, sci-fi and cookbooks with bright colored photos (think picture book more than how to).  Sometimes Pinkie investigates my book.  Good thing I just finished this one.  Pinkie decided to take a nap.

Pinkie sniffs a book, photo by M. LaFreniere, Cactus Catz

Pinkie on a book, photo by M. LaFreniere, Cactus Catz

Pinkie naps on a book, photo by M. LaFreniere, Cactus Catz


Cozies and the Language of Flowers

I love paperbacks because they’re easy to carry on the bus and in the car.  So then when I’m waiting in line at the grocers or some place, I whip it out and read a few pages.  I read on a kindle but not often, mostly books not available physically by independent authors like Cage Dunn (The Old Woman & the Mad Horse – Case File for: The Big Three Mining Investigation) and Martha Ann Kennedy (The Price).

If you’re curious, Floral Depravity is third in Beverly Allen’s cozy series set in a flower shop run by two cousins.  Audrey, the main protagonist, is really into the Language of Flowers and constantly drops references to what different flowers mean which I think is cool like “Ivy represented friendship”. Plus in this book she adopts a stray baby black kitten who her cat Chester, a pudgy grey cat, has problems with but they seem to be adjusting.  Gives me hope, lol.

Another cozy series that also often drops Language of Flower references is by Bailey Cattrell. She also talks about using perfumes for healing.  For example, she felt a recluse in her home was fearful so she mixed up a custom perfume with frankincense (to alleviate fear), sandalwood (promote open-mindedness) and neroli. I love extra tidbits like that along with my mysteries.  Ellie, the main character, has a corgi that lives with her in a tiny house, and a Russian blue cat that hangs out in her aromatherapy/perfume shop. This one has a little twist to it in that she has an enchanted garden that may or may not have faeries and she seems to be empathic but it’s a straightforward mystery otherwise.  Empaths don’t read minds like telepaths, rather they feel what the other person is feeling.  I like her series a lot as I also like cozy psychic mysteries and urban fantasies (fairies, vampires, wizards and the like set in modern times). One of Ellie’s friends loves to make cookies and brings some over everyday.  The plus to that is it gives the writer an excuse to put a cookie recipe in the back of her book, always a good thing.  She also does one aromatherapy recipe as well.

Now I just have to wait for Pinkie to wake up so I can return Floral Depravity to the library.



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While I am an affiliate of Amazon, I also use them as a book search engine.  In case you are interested in checking out either series at your library here are the titles in the series. “Bloom and Doom” is first in the series for Allen and “Daisies for Innocence” is first in the series for Cattrell. Bailey Cattrell also writes as Bailey Cates for her Magical Bakery Mysteries.

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12 Replies to “Feline Friday : Pinkie reads a book”

    1. Pinkie purrs, books are good. I love to lay on them especially when someone is about to read one.

  1. Charlee: “If you can’t go out and sleep in the flowers, sleeping on a book about flowers might be the next best thing.”
    Chaplin: “But they’re depraved flowers. That might give you nightmares about Audrey II or something like that.”
    Charlee: “Who’s Audrey II?”
    Chaplin: “You wouldn’t know her.”

    1. Ooooh, Chaplin has been stepping out to see Audrey II without Charlee? I see a soap in the making. Pinkie asks “why hasn’t Charlee been visiting me instead of Audrey II even if I do sleep on depraved flowers?”

    1. Oooh, maybe they do read through their fur. That would explain why they lay on newspapers and books the minute you lay them down. and here I thought it was to divert your attention to petting them.

    1. Pinkie purrs, “I know I am. Plus if I lay on a book, she can’t read it and can pet me instead. This is a good thing.”

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