Feline Friday : my black cat Midnight loves abstracts

Feline Friday : my black cat Midnight loves abstracts

Feline Friday : Midnight loves abstracts

Midnight loves this quilt.  He can’t wait for me to go to bed. Until then he shares the chair with me but when I get up, he jumps off because he knows I’m putting the quilt down for him before I go.  Then he gets the chair all to himself, curling up, happy as a clam….hmmm, maybe it’s not the quilt he loves. Maybe he just likes the chair all to himself?  hmmm…. And here I thought he liked to share.

Well, Midnight got me thinking about cats and quilts. So I did a little walkabout on the subject.

My Quilting Life: Exploits of a Quilty Cat
This is a fun book I’ve come across. Brannie,a Burmese, loves to help her mom Annette quilt.  Too bad she has an awful sense of color when rearranging quilting blocks she “finds” on the floor and sometimes she wants to take a nap on the ironing board just when mom needs to iron some seams.   A cat can never be too helpful.  This is a book that sprang from a blog as Annette’s monthly column in Online Quilt Magazine.

You can sign up for free for the basic Online Quilt Magazine edition and they’ll send you a pdf file of the current edition plus a few links to some quilter’s freebies including a couple of patterns and a tipsheet. I did not see Brannie’s column in the free pdf version. I signed up just to see if it was there. They have a premium edition you can view online for the subscription fee of $10 a year. I don’t know if Brannie’s column is still appearing there.

When I did a search for Brannie in case Annette had gone solo, I found this cool post on cats and quilts. People from everywhere had sent in photos of their cats “helping” them with their quilting project to Lori Kennedy Quilts.  Makes me want to sew quilts for Midnight and Pinkie.  …. Thinks about them “helping” me ….  thinks of spools flying everywhere …. ummm…. maybe not.

In case you’re braver than me (or your cats nicer, lol), I did come across some cute cat patterns at Bluprint ranging from $2.99 for a block pattern to $8 for a whole quilt pattern. Bluprint does have some free patterns but they didn’t come up when I did a search for “cat quilt”.  :

Large Eyed Cat Block for sale on Bluprint
Large Eyed Cat Quilt Block
Cat Block Pattern for sale on Bluprint
Cat Quilt Block Pattern
Cat Quilt Pattern for sale at Bluprint
Cat Quilt Pattern
Scrappy Cats Quilt Pattern for sale on Bluprint
Scrappy Cat Quilt Pattern
Quick and Bulky Cat Blanket Crochet Kit by MJs Off the Hook Designs for sale at BluPrint
Quick and Bulky Cat Blanket Crochet Kit
by MJs Off the Hook Designs
I thought this was adorable too. It runs $72-$114 (as of 6/28/19) depending on if the size (child, adult, plus size) and the yarn. It’s a complete kit so you get pattern and yarns. Quick and Bulky Cat Blanket Crochet Kit by MJs Off the Hook Designs. I have a little arthritis in my fingers these days so I can’t crochet any more. My mom did try to teach me in my twenties so I did a little back then.  While I never became very good (my stitches were rather irregular), my mom was awesome at it.  I think she would have loved this kit because she’s as nutty on cats as I am.

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It’s Raining Cats and Dogs: Paper-Pieced Quilts for Pet Lovers “Print on Demand Edition”

Abo Gear Happy Habitat Outdoor Containment Cat Furniture

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge & Bed

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image by M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved.

If you’d prefer to do a search on Amazon, you can use this search bar as I did with “cat’s quilt”.  I was hoping to get quilts for cats but instead my search brought me back with human quilts with a cat motif.  They are pretty cool too.

7 Replies to “Feline Friday : my black cat Midnight loves abstracts”

  1. Midnight knows where he wants to be and is kind enough to let you have that spot until bedtime. So cute.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Sunday. ♥

    1. Yeah, luckily it’s getting hot these days so today he’s at my feet since it’s cooler down there.

      Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend

    1. He does look pretty awesome against those bright jewel tones, doesn’t he? Midnight purrs his agreement with you.

  2. Midnight is a smarty boy. I wish my sewing skills were better. All I can make is catnip mats.

    1. What’s a catnip mat? I used to be good at sewing but it’s been a long time (decades!) since I’ve done any. I don’t even know if my sewing machine still works. I should give it a whirr.

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