Feline Friday : my black cat Midnight examines the scene of the crime

Feline Friday : my black cat Midnight examines the scene of the crime

Feline Friday : Midnight examines the scene of the crime

Feeling sleepy, Midnight kneads my computer chair in preparation for his daily nap.

Me: “Midnight, what are you doing?”

Midnight: “What?  This? What’s wrong with it?”

Midnight loves to sleep on my computer chair.  Before he settles down, he kneads the vinyl with his claws with predictable results.  Now the left side of the seat is riddled in tiny white pockmarks.

(and yes, I know a lot of people declaw their cats to avoid furniture damage.  However, where I live, there is a huge park  a  couple miles away from here that coyotes live in.  I saw a coyote when I went geocaching in the park once.  Midnight is an indoor cat but just in case he slips outside someday when I’m not looking, I’d rather he have a little protection just in case.)


P.S. I know I’m a tad late for Friday.  I was able to change to the 3 days-12 hour shift so work Th, Fri and Sat from 6:30pm to 7am but I’m finding I tend to sleep Sunday.  I am trying to find my balance but still am very tired.  Being older, building up stamina is taking much longer than I expected.  I tell myself I am getting fitter, but mostly I wonder. Still I know I can walk 12 hours. Thinks about this.  I can walk 1/2 mile in 12 minutes. Yeah, I know they say a human can walk a mile in 12 minutes but I’ve timed myself and that’s my time. The USA is 2,802 miles across.  For me, that is 2802 miles times 24 minutes is 67,248 minutes which equals 1120.8 hours — walking 12 hours a day, it would take me 93.4 days.  It would take me 3 months to walk across the USA.  Yeah, I loved algebra in high school so I think weird things like that.  Thinks about it.  I still think it would take me more than that.  3 months seems kinda short.  Do you think ever do weird calculations like that?

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11 Replies to “Feline Friday : my black cat Midnight examines the scene of the crime”

  1. I have a leather chair that has pock marks all over it from the kids. It was suggested to me that I have them declawed, but I would never do it. The marks just let everybody know that the chair gets used…

  2. My sister declawed her cat and my family and I took well told her about. Declawing a cat is a crime. If you’re an indoor cat, they think you’re in good shape but what if you got out by mistake the cat has no defenses. I say no declawing is a crime because no claws no defense.

  3. If someone wants a pet, they have to accept them whole, claws and quirks and all, that’s for sure!
    About the three months, that would be if you walked continuously, so your are right, it is too short a period to walk across the US, hehe.

  4. Declawing has been banned in the UK for many years and should be banned worldwide. At last some states in the US have now banned it too. It is inhumane and is an amputation which would be the same as cutting off the end joints of a humans fingers and toes.

  5. Beautiful Midnight! I completely agree about NO declawing ever. The cat’s well-being comes before the furniture. The declawing procedure is painful and can also cause permanent pain because it alters the normal way a cat moves its feet.

  6. Not to worry, I added Midnight into the linky. He’s a handsome mancat. Yes on leave the claws. It’s the humane thing to do.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

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