Feline Friday : Midnight makes demands

Feline Friday : Midnight makes demands

Midnight demands, “Put my pictures on Cactus Catz!”

I said reasonably, “But I already put it up on Cactus Haiku.”

Midnight looks confused, “Haiku? What’s that? Sounds like a sneeze. Besides that’s not my blog. This is mine.”

“It’s not just yours. It says Catz so it’s Pinkie’s too.”


“Look, Midnight, be reasonable. I don’t want to post the same thing on two blogs.”

MIdnight glares at me, “I am being reasonable.  I’m a cat.  I expect to get what I want when I want it.  That’s what reasonable means.”  Stretches out a claw and pricks my foot, “You won’t like it if I don’t get what I want.”

I glare back, “What are you?  A mafiaso?  You can’t blackmail me!  I hold all the catfood.”

Midnight purrs, “Catfood!  Is it dinner time already?”

“No, not for a few hours.”

Midnight disagrees, “I can have two dinners.  One now and one later.  Oh and the ball of yarn while you’re at it for after.”

“Midnight! I think you’re getting spoiled!”

“That’s a good thing.”

“Stop distracting me.  I need to come up with a Feline Friday post that different than the haiku and I’m running out of time.  It’s almost midnight.”

“What do you mean I’m almost Midnight.  I am Midnight.”

“oh, shush.  I have to think.”

“Just put my pictures on Catz and you don’t have to think.  Then you can give me a dinner.  Or two.  That works for me. Or else!” Pricks my foot.

“Stop that!  Oh, geez, Winter is online.  I gotta go.  Darn it! I’m out of time.  Ok, I’ll put your darn pictures up here.”

Midnight purrs.


4 Replies to “Feline Friday : Midnight makes demands”

  1. hello midnight its dennis the vizsla dog hay that seems to be how it goze wenever wun of the hipsters wants sumthing heer!!! they mew a few times and bam wotever they want they get!!! of korse it wurks for me too eksept i dont mew i bark a littel but stil i gess i kannot komplayn!!! ok bye

    1. Midnight asks, “Does barking work as good as mewing? I’d try it but I think it’s a little rough on the throat”

    1. i took a lot more than two actually but I only liked one. The other two — the blurs (because he was chasing the yarn) only worked with the poem. I don’t really like blurs in my pics. The others didn’t work either for one reason or another. Did I delete them? only a few. As far as the others, though they didn’t work, I can’t help thinking one day on Feline Friday I may be desperate and have nothing to post and then I might go digging

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