Feline Friday : Midnight demands equal time

Feline Friday : Midnight demands equal time

arty icture of Midnight,my black cat, art and photo by M. LaFreniere

Midnight jumps on my lap and looks up at me, “Hey! Where’s my picture?”

“What picture?”

“You made an arty picture of Pinkie.  Where’s mine?”

“Okay, what would you like?”

“Something jazzy. I want people to see how wonderful I am.”

“How’s this?”

“The colors could be brighter but I like it.” Curls up on my lap and starts purring.

For those who might remember, I published the original photo on a Feline Friday last year February 16, 2018

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art, photo, writing by M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved.

26 Replies to “Feline Friday : Midnight demands equal time”

    1. Midnight looks confused, “Who is Jake and Elwood? I thought you two were Charlee and Chaplin, not be confused with that little dude. Well, if Jake and Elwood are bringing free food, they can come over anytime.”

    1. I like that “stained glass” look as well. It made the image look very painterly to me. I tried a lot of effects on Midnight and that was the only one that worked (which is why I’m not sharing the others. Shhh, don’t tell Midnight or he’ll think he’s not getting equal time to Pinkie as she got 4 images out of one photograph).

  1. Cats are pretty darn demanding is what I say, I like them anyway though and put up with a lot from our two rescue critters. Are they grateful? Nope.

    1. lol, you’re right. They are not grateful but they do expect us to be grateful for their presence in our lives. Which we are!

    1. Thank you for the awesome comment. Midnight is purring too as he rolls around in delight. He loves being called “majestic” and “wild”!

    1. I thought so but Midnight is getting greedy. He wants to nap on my lap all the time now. Thank you for the lovely comment — I like the colors too.

  2. Nothing wrong with equal time. I approve. Great job too.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect day and weekend. My best to Pinkie and your mom. ♥

    1. Thank you! Midnight says, “I approve of equal time…. wait, I want all her time! Her lap is mine to nap in.”

      Thanks for hostin Feline Friday. Hope you’re having a great weekend. It’s cool down here as it looks like it might rain.

    1. Thank you and Midnight says thank you too. (Midnight looks puzzled, “Actually I said, of course, I look beautiful. She should thank me!” “Midnight, be good. Humans like it when you say thank you. Sometimes you get treats when you’re nice to a human.” Midnight perks up, “Treats! I love treats. Thank you, Shutterbug!”

    1. Thank you! Midnight says thank you too. (Midnight preens, “I love it when people say I look like a panther.”)

    1. MIdnight purrs, “Of course it is! I’m a good-looking guy. I don’t know why Mary was so worried about it. Being all black is awesome!”

    1. Thank you! I thought it was a pretty cool effect. It’s hard to find a filter that works well with an all black cat as most of them are built around doing something with the colors in a photo. I appreciate your lovely comment and I love that paws emoticon!

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