Feline Friday & Caturday : My calico cat Pinkie hogs the breakfast tray

Feline Friday & Caturday : My calico cat Pinkie hogs the breakfast tray

Caturday : My calico cat Pinkie hogs the breakfast tray


Pinkie looks over at me, “What are you going on about? Nattering about breakfast in bed again?  You know I don’t cook. I don’t clean either.”

Thinks about it.

“Well, I do clean myself. Quite often actually. But you’re not getting me to clean this room.  No way.  You’re on your own there.  Cats don’t cook. Cats don’t clean.  I don’t know why you humans call us domestic. Domestic, hah.” Pinkie snorts.




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You can use the Amazon search bar to do any search at Amazon as I did with “breakfast tray”. What? You think Pinkie is going to give mine back? If I want breakfast in bed, I’m going to have to get another one …. unless Midnight grabs that one. Hmmmmm…

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17 Replies to “Feline Friday & Caturday : My calico cat Pinkie hogs the breakfast tray”

    1. lol, for a moment I thought you meant no cat hair and thought, well, Midnight and Pinkie have a lot they could donate, laughing. They shed everywhere in the summer. It’s not so bad now that the weather is cooling.

    1. Pinkie purrs thank you. I am slowly rebuilding up my blogging habits. I will restart Sabi Saturday but maybe in December. I am working now plus I am going on a cruise in November so won’t be able to blog for that week. So I thought just cat posts for now until I am less tired and then gradually add back Sabi Saturday and maybe TTThursday too if people like that starting in December or January. We might have a lot of overtime in December so I’m actually not too sure how I will be in December.

    1. Laughing, don’t fool yourself. She gets breakfast and dinner and even lunch from this chef everyday … well I open the catfood containers anyways, lol.

  1. You tell mom, Pinkie. We know you don’t do anything you don’t want to do.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect weekend. My best to your mom. ♥

    1. Pinkie grins, “I’m a cat. Of course, I never do what I don’t want to do. And humans feed us anyways. How cool is that?”

      Pinkie adds, “I love your Feline Friday blog hops. Mom says she hops you are having a fabulous weekend!”

    1. Laughing, that’s true, Pinkie does. Now if only I could find a truly domestic cat that cleans the house instead just themselves or of joyriding a vacuum cleaner, wouldn’t that be awesome?

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