Feline Friday & Caturday : My black cat Midnight claws out

Feline Friday & Caturday : My black cat Midnight claws out

Feline Friday & Caturday : Midnight claws out


I love Midnight, truly, I do.  But he has this one habit.  He loves stretching out his claws.  Sighs.  See it’s like this …

I’m typing away on my laptop. Midnight looks up at me and after a short pause jumps up on the chair.

I’m still typing away.

Midnight looks at me.  “Hmmmm…” Midnight says.  “She needs to pet me.”

Midnight flexes his claws, rests them gently on my thigh … and then pokes me! not like with a finger! with all five claws, right through the fabric of my pants.  “ouch!” I stop typing, looking down.

Midnight looks at me. “You haven’t pet me yet.”

“Geez, Midnight,” I reply, “Can’t you see I’m busy?”

Midnight stretches his claws, “You haven’t pet me yet,” Midnight meows.

“Alright, alright. I’m petting you.”

Midnight purrs, “Who says cats don’t speak human?”

Note on pic: Sometimes instead of a red eye when my cats look at the camera, I get a green eye.  Kinda weird.  Usually I photoshop it out but this time I decided to leave it to see what would happen when I “artyed up” the pic.  It made his eyeball sorta glowy like he’s a magic cat.  It’s spooky though. I think next time though, I’ll fix it in photoshop and put the dark pupil back in.


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You can use the Amazon search bar to do any search at Amazon. As you can see, I did a search on “midnight is a bad kitty” as a lark. Results may vary but I got back an interesting collection : a Wimpy kid book, an electic scooter, Roll ‘n Clean Self Separating Self Cleaning Litter Box (now that’s something I could use! I have the old fashioned litterbox), and a No-Zip Pet Stroller for Cats/Dogs (whoever heard of such a thing? But it might be cool to try out if I’m traveling in an RV with my cats so they could get some fresh air without being lost in a strange place–yeah, that’s still my goal, maybe for 2022. I saw an econoline van with big windows at an car auction and I thought that would make a great camper van. I was too late to hear the actual bid though. Apparently the big stuff go earliest so I didn’t see what the RVs went for either. Thinks about what I said earlier. Tries to imagine Pinkie in a stroller. Dies laughing. Ain’t going to happen. Midnight might like it though. He’s a scaredy cat and doesn’t go outdoors). I wonder why none of the “Bad Kitty” books showed up though.


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image by M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved.

11 Replies to “Feline Friday & Caturday : My black cat Midnight claws out”

  1. Love the blue kitty. Johnny will stretch his claws on my thigh. Most of the time he’s pretty gentle when he wants my attention. Other times, well, I have a few pairs of jeans with holes in the legs. lol

  2. I was wondering if he had odd eyes 🙂 🙂 I’m feeding a neighbour’s cat while she’s away and we don’t exactly see eye to eye. She’s prone to hissing at me. Ungrateful!

  3. Good morning Cactus Catz, how beautiful is Midnight? ? Our cat adopted us and isn’t the most loving of cats, but I know she’s feeling affectionate when she gently swipes me with her full set of claws ?

  4. Midnight is quite the kitty. Our cat, Lizzie, spreads her claws when she is happy. Happens when somebody is petting her or if she sees somebody she has not seen in a while. Spreads all her claws wide and purrs. Cats are such a mystery. I love dogs, but I am a cat person.

  5. Midnight, what a gorgeous fellow you are! Most of my cats have stuck the claws out just the same way Midnight is. They would always get me with 5 little stickers! Ye-ouch is right!

  6. Awww Midnight is so pretty any which way the photo looks. They do have a way of letting us know they need petting.
    Paolo used to do his claws that way, but Cricket would sit by me and yank on my pants leg and give a little nip. Just needed some attention. 🙂

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