Budget: Eating in Day 5 (ate Kris’s stew so not cooking today)

Budget: Eating in Day 5 (ate Kris’s stew so not cooking today)

I lost 10 pounds!  Stepped on the scale today, first time since I started this and was pleasantly surprised.  Had no idea that not eating out would result in weight loss.  Pretty happy about that.

Today when I called Carol to check what the home nurse said, Carol said Kris had made stew and there was enough for me.  So, yay!, I’m won’t cook today.  I am counting it as eating-in as Kris cooked.

So my budget rollover from yesterday is $11.85 plus todays $5 which gives me $16.85 for tomorrow since I didn’t spend anything.

Took out some mystery meat from the freezer for tomorrow.  It’s either beef or pork.  I’ll check the books and see if I can come up with something.

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  1. wait… you can lose ten pounds just by eating a half dozen of those blueberry muffin loaves??? Awesome! ( Starts baking)

    1. I didn’t lose it by eating a half dozen blueberry muffin loaves, lol. I lost it before I baked the muffins by eating my own cooking for a week. Apparently cooking at home is less fattening than eating out. Thinking about it – it makes sense. I eat smaller portions at home then the restaurants serve. Also I cook with butter but I don’t cook with oils or salt. What surprises me though is that I lost weight even if I though I’ve put bacon and butter into the foods. Whatever the reason, I’m happy.

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