Budget: Discount Tuesdays, a Tale of Two Theaters

Budget: Discount Tuesdays, a Tale of Two Theaters

Cinemark has Discount Tuesdays nationwide but what you pay depends on the theater you go to.

Century Gateway Cinemark (behind Walmart on Speedway) Discount Tuesday is $1.50 for adults all day. When I went, the theater was pretty full but I was able to find a seat so no problem. So far I haven’t had a really tall person sitting in front of me.  Still, go a little early to this one (and deal with the commercials) to get a good seat. Preferably on the aisle.

The Gateway regular prices for adults during the week is $3.50.  It is cheaper than most of the Cinemarks in Tucson. I didn’t ask about kid pricing as I don’t have any and my nephews and nieces are all grown.

The Gateway movies have been out for a bit and are already appearing on DVDS. Honestly, for $1.50, it’s cheaper than renting especially since I don’t always remember to return them the next day … or the day after  … sometimes it’s just cheaper to buy the damn dvd.  I like theaters better anyways, more immersive.

Park Mall’s Cinemark Discount Tuesdays is $5 for adults all day.  Regular pricing is $9.25.  However, the movies I went to, there was hardly anyone there so you could choose to sit anywhere you wanted and you didn’t have to climb over someone to get to the bathroom during the movie (yeah, note to self: never drink a latte grande before a movie). The movies I went to had been playing for a few weeks so that may be why.  Don’t know how it is on opening night.

I went with a friend so I had a person on one side but the other side was open which was nice because I didn’t feel scrunched. Plus I love having no big head in front of me. Huge escalator, though, so if you have a walker or wheelchair, use the elevator. Otherwise, just pretend it’s the Stairway to Heaven. Park Mall’s pricing is inline with the other Cinemarks.

They both have Senior Mondays (Age 62+) is $5.70 Park Mall, $2.10 Gateway. And Park Mall has Early Bird  discounts for the first movie showing before 1pm for $5.90; not sure about Gateway.

Add taxes to the prices when you go.

Century Gateway 12 Theaters
770 N Kolb Rd
Tucson, AZ 85710
Century Park Place 20 Theaters
Park Place Mall (Food Courts)
5870 E Broadway Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85711

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