Cats think they’re royalty

Cats think they’re royalty

Cats think they’re royalty; can’t say I blame them

I’d been putting in a collection of words into Artbreeder and using the same pic. This time, I told a little tale. In the Arrbreeder text box, I wrote

“Cats think they’re royalty. However my calico cat Pinkie growled when I tried to crown her with a tiara. That’s gratitude for you.”

Dialing up the AI to 100, Seed 19, our collaboration created

This winsome couple showed up when I dialed the AI down to 75, still with seed 19

royal cat couple

And here we at 50, seed 19. Humans have appeared! What a surprise!

With the AI falling to 25, seed 19, this pic is closer to the original but you can see how the AI is already changing it

And once again here is the original image I started with

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  1. Those last two pictures 😆😆😆 I’ve never used AI for art but I’m curious. And you’re right – cats really do think they’re royalty! It’s no longer your house, it’s theirs. Your favourite chair? Forget it, it’s theirs too. xx

    1. yeah, I remember when Midnight confiscated my chair (he passed last year tho, I wish he was still curled up in my chair). And Pinkie has won the debate on the house. I think you would love — it’s a free web-based AI art program. If you click the green plus sign and then click the collage, it’s pretty easy. They start you off with a freebie woods picture and some robot parts. Just type something like “cat robot” or “cat robot flying through the woods” or whatever and it will make something. If you don’t like what it makes, click the reroll button. If you drag the AI blue bar all the way to the right it will give the most freedom. If you drag it to the left so it no blue shows, just a white dot, the closer you get the closer to the original it will be. Change the words and the whole image changes. It’s a lot of fun.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed them too. Yeah that one with the pink in the fur didn’t work — you have to wonder if someone was playing magic marker coloring her fur. It’s so strange to think none of those cats are real.

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