AI Cat Art: Sunday Songs

AI Cat Art: Sunday Songs

AI Cat Art: Sunday Songs

I found a cool article 31 Best Songs About Cats and tidbits about each song. Most of the songs are from Disney movies like Aristocats and the musical Cats but there were a few in there that surprised me.  #6 by Queen is “Cool Cat” — no surprise there. #7 also by Queen is “All Dead, All Dead” didn’t seem to belong but when I read the notes, the sad piano ballad was written for Brian May’s cat who passed away.  Lyrics and video below.

In the lyrics, you can tell his childhood cat was Brian’s companion.  “All Dead, All Dead”. Queen, Brian May and the Pixie cat quotes Brian as saying “I never had any brothers or sisters, so the closest thing to me was the cat“. Pixie passed away when Brian was a child long before he joined Queen but he obviously carried the memory with him and eventually wrote the song.  Midnight passed away Halloween 2021 and the words capture my feelings exactly. I imagine it speaks to anyone who has had their animal friend pass over the rainbow bridge. (And no, I still don’t want to talk about Midnight’s passing. I just wanted to share the song. I can’t imagine what I’ll feel when Pinkie goes. One of the hardest thing I think with pets is they only live 1/3-1/6 of the time we do. We love the time they spend with us but it’s still sad when they go. And yes, for those of you who knew Pinkie and Midnight’s cold war, Pinkie is much happier being a solo cat.).

“All Dead, All Dead”
lyrics by Brian May

She came without a farthing
A babe without a name
So much ado ’bout nothing
Is what she’d try to say

So much ado my lover
So many games we played
Through every fleeted summer
Through every precious day

All dead, all dead
All the dreams we had
And I wonder why I still live on
All dead, all dead
And alone I’m spared
My sweeter half instead
All dead and gone
All dead

All dead, all dead
At the rainbow’s end
And still I hear her own sweet song
All dead, all dead
Take me back again
You know my little friend’s
All dead and gone

Her ways are always with me
I wander all the while
But please you must forgive me
I am old but still a child

All dead, all dead
But I should not grieve
In time it comes to everyone
All dead, all dead
But in hope I breathe
Of course I don’t believe
You’re dead and gone
All dead and gone

This 2018 version of the song is sung by Brian May and was released recently with the computer graphics video featuring a cat.  The original came out in 1977. You can also find versions sung by Freddie Mercury.

ai cat art created in Artbreeder: collage

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