AI Cat Art: Dinner Time

AI Cat Art: Dinner Time

Wordless Wednesday

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AI Cat Art: Dinner Time (sorry a bit wordy for WW)

In AI art your write things into the prompt box to encourage the AI to generate the picture you want. Usually start off with words describing the scene and the subject matter.  I recently discovered “A Trifle, A Coddle, A Fry: An Irish Literary Cookbook” at the Humane Society Thrift Store. It matched recipes with excerpts of writings from Irish writers.  So I plopped in a passage from Oliver St. John Gogarty. (See below for passage and recipe)

McGurk sat beside a Primus stove. Dr. Tyrrell sat with his back to a large stone on the top of which fruit salads were displayed. The ladies fussed about with the dishes.” from page 59. I added large green eyes to the mix and a touch of Louis Wain to get the cats. And I got a Momma cat making dinner for her kitten. Pretty cute, right?

The “Champagne Salad of Fruits” that followed is a recipe for adults only.

2 bananas
1 cantaloupe
1/2 lb black cherries
1/2 lb grapes
1 pineapple
1/2 lb strawberries
1T brandy
1T sherry
1T olive oil
1t tarragon vinegar
sprig of fresh chervil
sprig of fresh tarragon
At the end:
300ml champagne
1oz pistachio nuts

In a serving bowl, later the fruits.  Mix together the ingredients for the vinaigrette and pour over the fruit. Pineapple slices on the bottom and strawberry slices on top. Cover and chill in refrigerator until serving time. When ready to serve, pour the champagne over everything and sprinkle the pistachio nuts.

I thought this was an interesting review by the writers Veronica Jane O’Mara & Fionnuala O’Reilly that compiled the writings and recipes:

“This is an Edwardian recipe discovered by Fionn who initially approached it in great trepidation to discover that it is the reigning monarch of fruit salads — a delight for the sensuously indulgent.”

I don’t think I’d take this to a potluck but I pull it out for a special Valentine’s picnic (as long as we weren’t driving back, lol).

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  1. Wow that is one cool photo based on the words you entered. Really like the art work it created. The more I see the results of AI the more I want to try it. Just not yet.

    1. Thank you. Let me know if you try it. Some of them have a graphics box so you can drop in a pic of Tommy & Teaghan as the starter pic to go with your text. I should try that with one of Pinkie pics. I haven’t done that yet.

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