AI Cat Art: Calico kitty

AI Cat Art: Calico kitty

AI Cat Art: Calico kitty

I liked this one. Reminds me of Pinkie when she was little. Pinkie was  (continued below)


a fiesty one when she was little. She drove the prairie dogs out of our backyard. She kept giving us dead bird presents. She pointed out a live albino rattlesnake to my mom that had somehow gotten on our back porch. Mom was so freaked out, she grabbed a shovel and smashed the head in.

Now Pinkie is a bit past her prime. Her favorite activity these days is napping.  Thank goodness! I really didn’t like her dead “presents” by our front door.


created in Artbreeder: collage


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    1. Me too! I am very happy Pinkie prefers to nap. I think it was a regular rattlesnake that happened to be born white.

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