AI Cat Art: a fun cat fairy

AI Cat Art: a fun cat fairy

AI Cat Art: a fun cat fairy

One cat’s face got mushed but I liked the cat fairy so I thought I’d share it anyways
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created in Dream by Wombo

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9 Replies to “AI Cat Art: a fun cat fairy”

  1. Holy Cod! That one is very nice. Thanks… I’ve gone down the rabbit hole for the day trying wombo AI art out. I like how quickly and easily that app produces images. I got a few cool ones and lots of weird ones with a photo of Teaghan and one of a dragonfly. I could do that all day… and am just about! LOL

    1. Uh oh! You’re joining me in the rabbit hole. We may never dig ourselves out. That’s ok. The cats will enjoy looking down the tunnels for the rabbit while we paper the walls with AI art, lol. Glad you’re having fun.

    2. Forgot to add, they made a nice upgrade to Wombo. If you click on finalize, then click on download, it saves the picture to your hard drive without the trading card background so you get just the image. They just did that recently. Before you were stuck with the trading card which I didn’t like that much.

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