A Tale of Two Kitties

A Tale of Two Kitties

Which do you prefer friends feasting or friends drinking?

These two kitties are about to feast on a fresh fish sandwich somewhere in bermuda

Meanwhile across the Atlantic, in a french cafe, these two kitties toast to their friendship

The second image was created in Artbreeder from the first Second Life photo.

I forgot to add that Artbreeder.com collage uses text as well as images, color, and shapes to generate an image. Here is what I used for this picture: Cartoon deliriously happy cat halloween renaissance kittycats luminous cobalt starry nebula drinking wine at a french cafe arles.

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    1. Artbreeder’s fun. You can try it out for free at Artbreeder.com. It’s an art program that’s browser-based so there’s nothing to download. I used the collage, not the splice but people have gotten amazing results using the splicer. I love trying things out for free especially if I don’t have to download anything.

    1. I do like the second one best too. I visited Paris once and Arles too on the same trip. France had a cool train pass that was 3 days train and 4 days rental car so we tooled around Southern France. We saw a sign that said B&B and stayed there. They had the best bouillabaisse I had ever tasted. Turned out it was right across the country road from the sanotarium Van Gogh stayed in after he cut off his ear. I’d love to visit France again. Have you ever been?

  1. I like the composition of the first, and the kitties themselves in the second. It is amazing how Artbreeder can create such unique images.

    1. Oh, thank you on the composition. Second Life is a virtual reality instead of a game so it’s more like a commercial photoshoot in a way. You have to find a good location, pick the right models and if human dress them how you wnat them to dress, put out props if necessary, and pose everyone and finally frame the image. Although I should have chosen a lighter cat on the right I think. I breed cats in Second Life and have tons. I started when my cat Marmalade passed and mom didn’t want me to get another cat. I had moved back in with her about a year previous at that time because she needed to go on dialysis and had cancer. She lasted a while tho with the cancer — 8 years which surprised the doctor. And it was cool to get to know her as an adult because it wasn’t until I moved back in with her that she told me bits and pieces about her life growing up in Okinawa.

      I agree it is amazing how Artbreeder can create such unique images. I think I’ll use the same image for a week — just with different words — and see how different the images are that the AI comes up with.

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