A Tale of Two Kitties Renaissance Style

A Tale of Two Kitties Renaissance Style

While our friends feast, we travel back in time

Once upon a time, cafes were considered centers of learning where for a cup of not-so-cheap joe, one could hang out with learned scholars, artists and even revolutionaries

Coffee house history, wikipedia

Like the pictures in my previous post, the picture above originally came from this Second Life photo featuring two Kittycats contemplating munching down on a fish sandwich

Artbreeder.com collage uses text as well as images, color, and shapes to generate an image. This time the words I used were: Abstract deliriously happy cat Renaissance Kittycats luminous cobalt starry nebula drinking wine at a romantic French cafe Arles. Can you spot the difference in the words?

You say, “No way. The first picture can’t have come from the second picture.” Look at the sandwich bun. Is it not the same color as the orange tabby on the left? And the periwinkle blue glasses, does it not show up in the debonair cat in the middle? The AI takes from the picture, considers the words and puts them together in a new combination.

Athena Cat Goddess’ Caturday Saturday blog hop

We are participating in Athena Cat Goddess’ Caturday Saturday featuring cat art around the world. Check out the other participants.

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    1. It’s pretty awesome. I mostly do the collage as it’s easier than the splicer. You have a choice.

      If you choose beta, if you go to collage, the uploads seem to not count against the freebie max 5 uploads. The 5 uploads are counted in splicer which has been around longer. When you go to collage, it has some robot bits and a tree scene already there. Just type in a cat phrase in the text box like “cats think they’re royalty” and push the AI button on the bottom all the way to the right and render to see what you get. Don’t like it? Hit reroll. When you upload your pics, if you want more of your cat pic and less changes, push the AI slider more to the left. If the AI is all the way to the right, it more like samples the colors from you pic to create the image described in your text. Let me know how it goes. Would love to see your cat results and non cat ones too.

      If you hit the “save” button after you render, the pictures will show under your artbreeder profile. When I click on the picture under the profile section, I don’t have the artbreeder logo on the picture like you do in the collage section. I right click to save the picture to my laptop. Hope that helps.

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