Q is for Quiet Cat

Q is for Quiet Cat

He used to be a rambunctious feral cat but now his favorite thing is a quiet afternoon, napping on the back porch, preferably next to his favorite humans

My friend’s husband adopted a feral cat. After he passed, the cat adopted the daughters, following them around.  Lately he had a skin infection so they took him to the vet.  They were surprised at how patient the cat was with the vet. I think he knew they were trying to help him. Hopefully the medicine the vet gave them will clear everything up.

Look at his eyes.  They are different colors.  Isn’t that cool?

Sorry, I’m spacing on the cat’s name.  I know I’ll remember it …. when I’m not at the computer.  Laughing, you know how that goes.  (Note: My friend’s husband called the cat Tuxie for tuxedo, the daughters call him Nemo, my friend calls him Nexie to merge both names.  No wonder I’m confused, lol)

day 17 in the A to Z challenge.  Also it’s Feline Friday, so pop over to Comedy Plus where Sandee features a great Feline Friday blog hop.

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You can use the Amazon search bar to do any search at Amazon like I did with “quiet cat”. I was surprised when electric bikes popped up. Who knew there was a brand called QuietKat? I think it’s a great name

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11 Replies to “Q is for Quiet Cat”

  1. Sometimes two or three seemingly unrelated traits are linked – white cats with blue eyes are often deaf. My vet told me that a lot of Siamese crosses are marked as tuxedos, so this boy may have quite a varied background. How good that he is staying in the home he has come to know and love.

    1. Oh wow, I didn’t know that unrelated traits were linked like that. It’s good for a feral cat to finally find a home I think.

      Mary, I am spacing on your blog. What was the name of it please so I can visit?

    1. I’ve seen pictures of that with their white fur. since they as a breed often have them, i wonder if there is an evolutionary reason for it. or just luck of the draw species wise.

  2. He’s a handsome cat with very cool colored eyes. Quiet is good too.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend, my friend. ♥

    1. I agree, he’s goodlooking with cool colored eyes. (sometimes Midnight meows a lot. I agree quiet is good)

      Hope you’re having a great day

    1. I agree. I love it with two different color eyes. Cool, I’ll pop right over to see Ariel’s mom. I love your sketches.

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