M is for maungy cat

M is for maungy cat

pouting maungy cat
ruffled fur, both eyes glaring
where is my catnip??!!!

cat haiku by cactus catz

okay, couldn’t resist another cat haiku because I found a new word : maungy.  Apparently it means childishly sulky, grumpy, spoiled, peevish.  You know a cat diva! laughing.

day 13 in the A to Z challenge.

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18 Replies to “M is for maungy cat”

  1. I am laughing!! If that isn’t the *perfect* sulking face, I don’t know what it is! You just made my day. Haha, maungy, cute! <3

    1. Yeah, I thought that too (typo) when I first saw it — my eyes automatically “corrected” it. I like the word though. I agree Pinkie looks serious.

    1. I say thank you, it’s on one of my favorite pics of Pinkie because of the expression. Pinkie is sulking so she’s not thanking any one.

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