Ok, I need to change my name but what?

Ok, I need to change my name but what?


anonymous, lost
words easily forgotten
making a name takes time

I need a new name. So far in the running

Cactus Rice
Cactus Haiku
Desert Senryu (a fair number of people don’t know what a senryu is)

I liked Restructuring Life when I chose it.  Partly because my first ten choices already were taken sooo… But it’s long and Winter and Carol hate it (neither blog but they are both my friends and are very honest about their opinions, if you know what I mean, lol). They both say it’s hard to remember and boring.

And it’s been a month so I’m starting to find out what I’m writing about.  I am surprised I’ve started doing haiku / senryu again.  I’ve done them off and on since junior high school.  Once I discovered senryus, I liked them better as it’s more open-ended.  The fact that I am capable of generating one a day came as a surprise to me.  Now I’ve started adding images to go with it — mostly because Rie said I needed more color on my pages.

Honestly I will write on various topics but the daily poems feel like they are becoming an anchor. And with my morning coffee, as I read other blogs, I find I return to the poetry ones more than essays and articles.  Looking back, it’s been like my evolution in wine.  When I was young, I didn’t read poetry much nor drink the dark red wines.  I wrote poetry, reams and reams, back then but preferred to read essays, articles and fiction along with a glass of zinfindel.

Now it’s merlot, syrah and the occasional pinot noir.  I still read fiction but my appreciation for poetry has deepened with age.  Words, phrasings have more meaning now as experience fills the spaces between the lines.  And I love the use of language like offspring instead of children because variety, sound and cadence matter in poetry so you stop and take a moment to appreciate someone’s phrasing.  That can still happen in a good essay but it’s becoming rarer.

So what was I talking about?

Oh yeah, a new name.  I got distracted.  Because I’m in Tucson, I want something that reflects my here like “desert” or “cactus”.

And a second word.  I thought of “rice” as it’s asiany and it’s habit to eat it with most meals so maybe “Cactus Rice”. Growing up we had rice and bread with dinner and lunch so both bases were covered as far as mainstay carbs are concerned. However, “Cactus Bread” makes me think of a bakery for some reason. It’s not just that my mom is Okinawan but I also lived a few years in Japan in my twenties.  Between the two, it’s shaped my artistic sensibilities.

Dad, born in Massachusetts, and is aFrench/Norwegian/and some kind of Native American mix. Dad was a major influence on my literary sensibilities.  But how am I going to get French/Norwegian/Okinawan into one word?  Mutt?  Cactus Mutt?  Haiku Mutt? I don’t think so.  So “mutt” is out. Quirks an eyebrow.  Seriously don’t even go there.

Maybe Cactus Haiku.  I like the way the K sound starts it and ends it like it goes in a complete circle. Cactus Rice is similar with both Cactus and Rice ending in an s sound. hmmm.

This rethinking of a name is difficult.  I’d like one I won’t want to change in a month.  And easy to remember.  Plus I got my first follower so I better get cracking.  Any suggestions?


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