Budget: Monthly Recap

Budget: Monthly Recap


Budget: internet earnings


Have to say this month sucked.  I didn’t shop for food much this month so am saving up my little bit of Ibotta payout for next month.

I tried Swagbucks and found out for myself, it was a waste of time.  Unless you are doing some internet shopping, it’s difficult to pull any money out.  Watching 6 videos for 20minutes (more time actually because they always froze up) for a 3-cent return was not my idea of good use of time.  The surveys were worse — you spend more than five minutes answering a bunch of “qualifying” questions to get to a survey that will pay you between 15 cent to 80 cents.  If you fail to meet their unstated parameters (which I did for the many I tried for), you get 1 penny for your time. They had other ways to make money but it was between 1 to 5 cents pretty much unless you were getting a rebate on shopping or signing up for a commercial site. So I might revisit Swagbucks when I am buying a birthday present or something although I actually prefer bargain shopping at thrift stores.  I love giving vintage teacups as prezzies.  They are so pretty.

Nothing from Amazon this month.

I signed up to be an affiliate for Adobe this month but no one has signed up so no income.  For some strange reason Adobe works with a European company to handle their affiliates so when I do earn anything I will have to pay a little to get it exchanged into American money.  Kind of weird.  I like Adobe a lot but I may try to find a different affiliate due to the money exchange issue.

In July I posted about getting money from the Social Security Office if they sent back your deceased parent’s last social security payment.  This month I, my sister and brother received over $400 each from the Social Security Office. It only took 60 days to receive it instead of the 90 days that the very nice social security clerk warned me about.  Between helping Carol out for a week and getting the Social Security money, I dropped the ball on income via blogging/internet. Oh yeah, and I had a little fender bender — since my car is little and the other one was a hummer, I am going to be out the deductible next month. Sighs. What a way to end a month.

So $0 from affiliates and rebates (I only claim money I get in the bank)
one-time payout from the social security office.a

This coming month, I have another survey site to check out.  July I made $25.  August I made $50.  September I made $0 and $400+.  So October the goal is to make $100 (which I should have made in September) from blogging (affiliates, surveys or whatever).  I need to also come up with the $500 deductible and the auto and house insurance this month so I am going to have to hustle.

I am also thinking of making a little haiku/senryu poetry booklet with haiku and senryu from the first 30 days which means brushing up some of my graphic/layout skills.  With Amazon making self-publishing so easy, I really want to try making my own little book.  I loved buying the little poetry books at City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco.  It’ll be fun to make one.

So that’s it, a rather uneven month (glad it’s over) but I’m looking forward to October.

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