Tummy Tuesday : 3 food blogs

Tummy Tuesday : 3 food blogs

Tummy Tuesday is here!  Add your links to the blog hop below my post.

Usually I do my own food posts and pics (foodporn!) but I thought this time I’d do something different.

I’m one of those folks who when someone likes my post, I go check out their blog.  I wanted to share some of the food blogs I’ve found.

My Slice of Mexico

My Slice of Mexico fusion Soccer Cup recipes. photo by My Slice of Mexico

My Slice of Mexico is a unique food blog.  She grew up in Mexico where her Japanese ancestors had immigrated. Growing up, people would ask her about her Japanese heritage.  Moving to Canada changed things as people would ask her about Mexico.  Her knowledge growing up complemented by adult research skills quickly come to play as she gives the background behind her recipes or her choices.  One of the fun things she did this year was a fusion during the Soccer Cup of ingredients from different countries melded into Mexican-fusion dishes.

Germany vs Mexico – Wurst Tortas

Mexico vs Republic of Korea – Queso Fundido Back Ribs

Sweden vs Mexico – Sommarsill Tostadas

Brazil vs Mexico – Xinxim with Tomatoes


Smart Veg Recipes

photo by Smart Veg Recipes

Generally speaking in each post, Smart Veg Recipes likes to give you three or more recipes.  While her post titles often looks like other titles I’ve seen around, when you open up her posts she brings a Southern India take that makes them unique plus loads them with recipes. For example, her latest post is titled “Top 10 Healthy Diet for modern lifestyle” and her opening paragraph suggests consuming soy milk, tofu, broccoli, brussels sprouts, quinoa, oats, millet, sprout, blueberry, zucchini.  Yeah, I’m sure you think you’ve seen something similar but you’re wrong. That’s when it gets interesting.  I love her recipes.  She tells you how to make soy milk and tofu!  All of these recipes are in one post:

  • Make Soy Milk @Home
  • Make Tofu @Home
  • Garlic flavored Tofu
  • Stir fry garlic flavor crunchy Broccoli
  • Stir fry cheesy Brussels Sprouts
  • Quinoa with stir fry vegetables
  • Spicy yogurt oat pancake
  • Sprouts (recipe includes green mung beans, chickpeas, coriander leaves and tofu)
  • Blueberry yogurt  (sorry you don’t get the recipe for making yogurt but I think that’s on another post if I remember right)
  • spicy millet topped with tofu and bell paper
  • Baked Zucchini

Ingredients Please!

photo by Ingredients Please!

Ingredients Please! started following my first blog, RestructuringLife.net, when I first started a year ago and it turned out she had just started her blog too. There is a home-cooked feel to the recipes that I quite like.

Stuffed Pepper Soup

Mini Meat Loaves

Easy Leftover Turkey Soup


Roundup of last week’s Tummy Tuesday (7/3-7/9/18):

1. Wakame Salad : Mary (cactus catz)
2. Shrimp Parmigiana – Comedy Plus
3. A Simple Garden Salad – Irene
4. Lemon Meringue Pie – Elsie Hagley
5. Roast chicken – Ladyleemanila

This week’s Tummy Tuesday (7/10-7/16/18):

Join the Tummy Tuesday’s blog hop. Post anything about food: a restaurant review, a recipe, food photography, a funny food quote, a food song, an essay on food — anything food-related because you know like the song says, “Food, glorious food.” Add your food blog post link below.

Featured Photo by Sven Scheuermeier on Unsplash

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    1. I’m glad you liked the food blog spotlight. I hope you enjoyed your visit to them and found something delicious to make. Do you have to adapt recipes if you’re cooking on a boat or can you do them as is?

  1. When you do your visits in the morning before breakfast it’s tough not to have your tummy growling with all this food. I’m hungry now.

    Have a fabulous day filled with sensible food. ♥

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