WW : Statues in Japan

WW : Statues in Japan

looking at an old hard drive, found some old photos I took in Japan.  So happy as I thought the files were lost forever on another borked drive.

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      1. In those days I was an AF pilot wife in Okinawa, living at Camp Kuwae, a naval base with the big hospital. We were there for four years, the island was amazing and I enjoyed travels to mainland Japan as well.

        1. I was a kid when we were stationed in Okinawa so went to kindergarten at Kadena AFB in ’65. My dad was Air Force. As an adult I lived in Japan teaching English for a few years. I visited Okinawa once as an adult — it was gorgeous. I would love to live there for a bit.

    1. I taught English in Japan for a few years when I was younger. These were taken at shrines and temples but now I can’t remember which one went to which location. I like looking at them though. Although it would be nice if my memory was what it use to be.

    1. Thank you! I’m very happy too. I thought they were lost. Although these are too small to print, at least I can view them on the computer and share them with you all.

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