WW : A Day Geocaching with TammyB, a photo essay

WW : A Day Geocaching with TammyB, a photo essay

Geocaching : finding hidden objects hidden by strangers who give you the longitude and latitude so you can find the teeny tiny logbook. Occasionally exchanging traveling treasures to move them to another cache.



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11 Replies to “WW : A Day Geocaching with TammyB, a photo essay”

  1. Nice photos on our geocaching outing! I remember each photo location clearly, some memories attached to the photo are painful, such as how long it took us to find the cache that the mourning dove in the carport was guarding, and the prickers against my skin as we reach for the hidden container, and the bushes that snagged my shirt…positive memories like the peacefulness at the labyrinth/ fountain, the nice strolls along the dirt roads to get to the GZ (geocache zone, where the container is waiting to be found and signed), the sunny weather and the cool breeze, the pretty views that are everywhere, blooming cacti and laughter with fellow cacher.

    1. It was awesome, Tammy. Oh yeah, the cactus thorns! Ouch! But it was a lot of fun. I loved the hanging cactus though. Thanks for showing me!

  2. What fun, I tried to get my mother interested in a local rock club that hides pretty rocks in plain site. I’d like to do something like this, nice photos and you found a morning dove nesting, cool.

    1. Oh that’s a morning dove? I didn’t know. So cool. I wondered what they looked like because they pop up in novels, poems and songs. She was nesting in an apartment building’s parking thing. You know those long metal-roof things with no walls that people can park under. I don’t know what they are called. It’s interesting to me how wild things are finding ways to utilize urban environments — less trees so move under an overhang. It probably keeps the chicks drier when it rains. I bet most people who park there never look up and notice her. I certainly didn’t notice her until Tammy pointed her out to me.

    2. I have seen rocks on the geotrail (the path you take to find geocaches, that likely zigzags all over and is different with each outing) that are painted colors, and some have messages on them, like “You are worthy.” Left along the way by strangers to lift up someone else’s spirit. Once in a cache I found a snail shell, painted yellow, that said “Love yourself.” I will attach a photo here if it will let me. (No, I don’t see a button to attach photo.)

      1. You can put the url of the picture and I can add the html image tag in comments to make the image show in comments — for some reason, it only allows the person who owns the blog to put in the html for images in the comments.

  3. I love the personalized rock. That’s very clever. It’s good to leave messages here and there and it’s fun to fine them too.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

    1. I thought that rock was cool too. When Tammy saw it a couple years ago, she put the cache nearby . The rock “art” had Tammy on it before but looked a little different. So whoever it is that does it, he or she occasionally updates the rock. Makes me wonder about the story behind it, who it might be.

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