Wordless Wednesday : Sunrise, Phoenix left far behind

Wordless Wednesday : Sunrise, Phoenix left far behind

photo by M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved


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    1. I thought so too when I saw it in my rearview mirror. So I had to pull over to the side of the freeway to take the photo.

    1. lol, I posted that on my Cactus Haiku blog and someone said something similar “like the end of the world”. I didn’t think it at the time but now you both have me thinking of spookiness and apocalypses. That’s awesome!

                1. lol, I do love the fancy stuff. If it’s going to black coffee, make it a cold brew. It’s go the same kick without the bitter. I’ll take the pie and pass you the pancakes. I love coffee and pie for breakfast — sighs. Haven’t had pie in ages.

                    1. Yum, I love pumpkin pie! although pecan is my favorite if done right. Some make it too sweet.

                    2. My friend Gayle used to make it and I thought they were quite good but she’s into healthy food so maybe she makes hers with less sugar.

                    3. A bakery? Don’t you think maybe they made it themselves? Maybe they made it supersweet because that’s what a lot of people like. I think a lot of stuff sold commercially is oversweetened compared to how they were traditionally made. I blame it on the trend started with cereals.

                    4. Over salted as well! oI only get bakery goods–the miserable life of a bachelor! When I was in the service beginning 1969, my mother would send me her chocolate chip cookies in a cardboard box through the mail. The other lads would get stuff as well and we would share between us.

                    5. You are so right about the over salted. Oh, I’m sorry you don’t get your mom’s cookies any more. I didn’t know people really sent cookies through the mail although I did see it on Mash. That must have been cool for you all to share them. Maybe you could dig out your mom’s recipe and try it for a taste of nostalgia and if it turns out good, send some over to Scotland.

                    6. There is a lot of truth to MASH with regards to cramming a bunch of crazy people together doing something somewhere they would rather not. I particularly enjoyed the newspaper Chicago Tribune which would be like two weeks late, but who cared?! After I was done with it, I would share it with everyone. Sunday comics inside were the favorite. Received cakes as well to eat. No more about military. Got no recipes. Overseas postage prohibitive.

                    7. (one more for military) I grew up in the military so am an Air Force brat. Of course it’s different for a kid. We were stationed in Japan when my dad had to go to Korea. My dad liked watching MASH. I remembered we had an APO address and mail took a week. No one ever sent us cookies — pouts. When my dad first joined up he lied about his age (under 18) so when they found out, his mom got his paycheck. Apparently she figured it would keep him out of trouble if he had no money to go drinking and the military gave you food and lodging (barracks & mess). Didn’t work. He still got into trouble but settled down later after he married my mom. We were never stationed in Europe which would have been cool too.

                      Sorry that you have no recipes. I don’t have any either as my mom cooked intuitively so I don’t know how to cook Okinawan. I asked her to write down the recipes once and she looked at me like I was crazy. She told me to just watch her. Well, that definitely did not work. I rely on cookbooks

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