Wordless Wednesday : St. Joseph’s Hospital

Wordless Wednesday : St. Joseph’s Hospital


Carondelet St. Joseph’s Hospital-Tucson
350 N Wilmot Rd
Tucson, AZ 85711


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  1. Beautiful photos. The first one is my favorite. Amazing the facial expressions are so vivid even in stone/granite. I went to a poetry reading a couple months ago and the poet had a great line, “the flex in granite.” The expressions in these sculptures are the perfect illustration of stone flexing.

    1. love that phrase “flex in granite”. I agree with you, you can feel the emotions in their statues. They whisper stories as you walk by. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the photos

  2. There’s a “Lady Of Fatima” hospital in my hometown founded by a religious congregation called the Brothers of Mercy and the hospital looks something like this. It has a magnificent chapel. I was admitted to the hospital once for my thyroid surgery and I was really in awe of the building.

      1. We had German missionaries running the hospital back then. But sadly, their visas were never renewed because of politics (Malaysia being a Muslim country) and the hospital has since been privatized. Many of the statues of Mother Mary were removed from the rooms so other than the Chapel that is still standing, the hospital now looks just like a regular hospital.Even the grotto at the hospital grounds was removed.

        1. oh, that’s too bad. I understand people wanting to make things look “corporate” and “professional” but a lot of times it seems to take the uniqueness out. Happens here a lot too.

  3. That’s a warm and welcoming looking hospital, our Catholic hospital here seems a little cold, maybe because it’s so old while always adding on new additions. Good job getting the statue photos, they seem hard to light.

    1. Yeah, the lighting was pretty uneven — outside was very bright because it was afternoon. Inside of course was just florescent lights. I think artwork helps because hospital can’t help but be long corridors with a lot of rooms. I noticed the artwork was primarily done by doctors and nuns with a few donated in memory of someone. So maybe it just depends on what donations they get.

  4. There is a St. Joseph’s Hospital run by the Franciscans in Tacoma. My wife was a patient many times, and it is a wonderful place. I love the sculpture of the nuns and the wagon–seriously love it!

    1. I think a nun did the sculpture. I need to go back to check. I love that sculpture too — you can tell there’s a story behind it. Do they have sculptures and statues at the Tacoma one too?

        1. Cool. I hope you don’t have to go to the hospital soon but when you do, post a couple pics of the statues/sculptures please. would love to see them

  5. I love to visit religious hospitals, especially Catholic ones. Their statutes are awesome.

    Hope you had a fabulous Worldess Wednesday. ♥

    1. This is the first religous hospital i’ve been to although I’ve been here quite a few times since it’s so close to home between my dad, my mom and Carol ending up there a few times. It’s funny, I used to walk right by the art without paying much attention. Wordless Wednesday comes along and I bring my camera and suddenly I “see” them.

      Hope you’re having a great day!

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