Pinkie loves to rock-n-roll — darn!

Pinkie loves to rock-n-roll — darn!

When I call Pinkie to come in, she immediately goes and rolls in the dirt, getting dust and rocks in her fur.  For some reason she doesn’t do this when she first goes out.  She waits until I call her to come in.  I try to catch her but she’s too quick.  Once she’s in, I close the bedroom door and grab her with a quick rub down with a damp towel if she doesn’t make it under the bed first.  Drives me crazy because for some reason she prefers to get on the bed and then start cleaning her fur herself.  I swear she thinks she’s half dog.

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  1. What a quirky thing to do, but most furrbabies have something they like to do that drives us crazy. What a beautiful cat though.

    Have a purrfect weekend. My best to your mom. ♥

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