Feline Friday : Teddy

Feline Friday : Teddy

This is Teddy, Carol’s cat.  He loves, loves, loves his harness.  If Carol takes it off, even indoors, he will bug her until she puts it back on.


Feline Friday

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    1. Yeah, Teddy is pretty special. My own cats Pinkie and Midnight would not put up with it either, lol. ?from emoticons at http://www.sherv.net

      1. I can’t but that’s ok. It’s a script — but I think if you click on the link at the bottom of the script you might be able to. I don’t know. However, there is an “Awww Monday” blog hop for pictures of something cute — you should totally do that day as your posts often have something cute in them. Go to comedy plus on Monday if you have a cute post that day and add your link there : https://comedy-plus.com/ . She always does it as she is the hostess. I do it sometimes but not always.

    1. Oh wow, I didn’t realize how sparkly it was until you said that. yes he does, he purrs. ?from emoticons at http://www.sherv.net

  1. That’s amazing to me. I want to get Dexter a harness for walks but he’s such a fussy boy and maybe a little afraid of the outdoors. Hi Teddy, what big beautiful eyes you have.

    1. I am surprised too. Teddy is the first cat I’ve ever met who actually loves his harness. My cats Pinkie and Midnight would be rolling around the ground trying to get it off.

      Teddy purrs his thank you! ?from emoticons at http://www.sherv.net

  2. Teddy is handsome and he loves his harness. Nothing wrong with that.

    Did you know if you put the linky code in text and then save it will look like mine. If you look in the visual it doesn’t something to the code and it looks different. So once you put the code into the text side, don’t view in the visual side. Learned this the hard way.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and an even better weekend. ♥

    1. He sure does!

      I did put the Linkys code in and I can see it on my page. Can’t you? but I do put my link in on your page because I always want to check your cat pic out — you get the cutest pics — and then I refresh my page to make sure my link shows as the last one. Sor far, knock on wood, it’s worked everytime.

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