Feline Friday : San Xavier Mission lions

Feline Friday : San Xavier Mission lions

Lion inside San Xavier Mission in the altar area, one of a pair
Lion on a San Xavier wall outdoors
Lion on San Xavier Mission’s Grotto Hill

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15 Replies to “Feline Friday : San Xavier Mission lions”

    1. I think Fu Dogs are cool. I read a novel the other week where someone actually had a Fu dog who helped her find evil. Love the pics of Fu Dogs on your post.

  1. hello cactus catz its dennis the vizsla dog hay those ar a lot of lions!!! that last wun reeminds me of aslan frum the faymus dokyoomentary the lion the witch and the wardrobe do yoo think he posed for that skulptchoor??? ok bye

  2. I LOVE the altar lion! I find the idea that a lion had long hair all over instead of just his mane intriguing…almost a lion from mythology or even a children’s book (Maurice Sendak, maybe?). Anyway, enjoyed these pics immensely.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the pictures. I imagine someone described a lion to the artist. It may even been third or fourth hand description so it’s almost like the phone game but visually. I like the altar lion too with it’s happy friendly grin which I agree does remind me of the friendly monsters in Sendak’s book now that you mention it. I like the way the front paws are clasped in prayer too.

    1. They may have only heard them described. No photography back then. I don’t think there were zoos. When did cities start having zoos? That’s a good question. So basically you only saw animals from other countries directly if you went there. I saw an elephant carving on a Japanese temple once — same problem.

        1. lol, I unconsciously read it correctly so never even noticed. They say that’s why proofreading is difficult because people fix sentences as they read — thank goodness, considering all my typos.

          alter-lion sounds good too as you’re right, they don’t look quite like a lion

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