Feline Friday : Pinkie can’t figure Midnight out

Feline Friday : Pinkie can’t figure Midnight out

While staying at Lupin, Pinkie and Midnight are starting to get physically closer before the hissing and snarling. I think being out of their environment has helped to change the paradigm a bit.  At home, they could be in two separate rooms but if there was a line of sight, they would start hissing.

Initially I stayed in my friend’s daughter’s room as her daughter was on a summer trip.  Pinkie loves climbing upon the cat tree here and would nap on the top one. She would snarl any time Midnight came close.

Except this one time. Midnight was looking at himself in the mirror and Pinkie couldn’t figure it out. “Who was he looking at? There is no one there.” You can see her staring down at him and being perplexed enough not to hiss. Curiosity, apparently, trumps territory issues.

When the camera clicked, Midnight turned around to see what I was doing.  Hmmm, seems both cats are curious.

Since her daughter is back, I am staying at a trailer at Lupin Lodge.  Now there is only one bed and both of them sleep with me — Pinkie under the covers at the foot of the bed and Midnight near my head at the top.  I guess Pinkie figures if she doesn’t see Midnight, he must not be there.  She never never never sleeps under the covers at home.

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19 Replies to “Feline Friday : Pinkie can’t figure Midnight out”

    1. I couldn’t leave the cats behind although next time I might work harder to find someone to keep them during my trip even if it’s seperately. I wish I could have brought my plants too. My mini roses died. At least my grapes survived.

  1. I think being somewhere else does change things as they are equal because neither was first there. Such cuties. 🙂

    1. Yeah, that might be. Now that they are back home, they are back to their usual habits — Pinkie stays in the back bedrooms and Midnight hangs out in the livingroom

  2. hello pinkie and midnight its dennis the vizsla dog hay this reeminds me of how my brother chaplin stares at my sister charlee wen she is playing fetch with dada it is like he has no ideea wot she is dooing!!! wich he probly duznt!!! hay pinkie that approatch yoo ar yoozing wurks on the ravenous bugblatter beast of traal so i am shoor it wil wurk on midnight too!!! ok bye

    1. I bet brother chaplin wants to play fetch too but maybe he wants to keep the toy. Maybe he is hoping sister charlee will bring him the toy next and wonder why she keeps giving it to dada who obviously doesn’t want it and keeps throwing it away. you are so funny, Dennis!

    1. Yeah, even two drove me just about crazy. I don’t know how I’d do it with four. Probably hide sleeping pills in their food. …. Hey, that’s a great idea!

      1. Don’t know how long you were driving, but it must have been interesting to have them in the car. Mine go crazy on the ten minute ride to the vet, but then again, that’s the only destination they go to, and it is not their favorite place!

        1. interesting? hmmm, well that’s one way to put it. did you know cats can meow nonstop for 15 hours? Although going back was easier because Midnight stopped meowing after awhile and took a nap. I don’t know how he could sleep amidst Pinkie’s racket though. But now they are happy because they are home.

          1. I did not know they could meow 15 hours! I wonder if I bought a seat on an airliner for a cat, the same would happen? Might have to mix up a Special Mickey Finn for it.

            They are always happy to be home.

            1. Yeah, 15 hours! Maybe I should submit them to the Guiness book of world records. I agree a mickey finn would have been much smarter. They are happy now so that’s a good thing. Now all I hear are purrs and the occasional meow for “when’s dinner?”

  3. Awww, so precious. Sorry I’m so late responding. I had a dinner to pull off last night and I’d forgotten how much work there is to putting it together. Turned out fantastic though.

    Hope you had a purrfect Feline Friday. Happy weekend to you and the kitties. ♥

    1. Ooooh, I hope you took a picture. What did you make?

      They are both napping at the moment so it is a perfect feline moment. HOpe you’re having a great time out on the water this weekend

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