Challenge B: The Livingroom: Day 1

Challenge B: The Livingroom: Day 1


I am still doing Challenge A but as I need to find my ratchet wrenches and this week is bulk pickup, I am also starting Challenge B which is reorganizing the house starting with the Livingroom.  (Sorry, Rie but I promise I will get to the Diningroom soon).

First thing is I need to get the loveseat out as the city is doing bulk pick up this week.  The cats have done a number on the back using it as a scratching post.  We have had it for decades and mom liked it because it was comfy. I have another loveseat, black leather which is quite nice. I will move it in the livingroom but will probably need help with that.

Ok, I am not strong and I live alone.  My brother’s family lives on the other side of town so moving furniture is a little tricky.  Luckily since it’s going to the dump, I don’t have to worry if I damage it during moving.

First I scooted it across the livingroom carpet by pushing it.  When I got it to the hallway, I made sure the hallway carpet was under it and scooted it again.

The front door was a little tricky.  I went out first.  Then used the carpet to pull it towards me, then shoved it a little to the side to tilt it, then pulled and out it popped.  I scooted it down the sidewalk by pushing it.

The driveway was easy since it’s tilted.  I used gravity and pushed it to get it rolling.  It rolled down the driveway and a little scoot to the side and we are done.

So now that the livingroom floor has more space, I have enough space to put together an Ikea bookshelf I bought a year ago.  So that is the next project.  I am putting it into the hallway initially so that I have something to put things into while I move things around. Oh and I’d like to paint the bookshelves in the living room — mom and dad liked dark brown but I really don’t.  The walls needs to remain a bright white since we don’t get much light.  White bounces the light so it helps a lot to light up the room.  But the dark brown on the white doesn’t work–too contrasty.  I was thinking of either painting those shelves a sage green or taking them out of the living room.

But we also have a good entertainment center that I’d like to move into the livingroom.  That’s also dark brown.  I don’t want to paint that entertainment center since it’s nice.  So maybe I should paint the one wall?  to make it less contrasty?  And leave the other walls white.  Maybe a warm cream or a light tobacco?  What do you think?  Feel free to weigh in.

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    1. It seems strange but dad used to smoke a lot, so over the years, the walls were stained a very very light tanned color. It actually was quite nice. It went well with the dark wood shelves. After he passed, we washed the walls and then they had a kind of watercolor lighter brown effect but with washes of creams and lighter or a little darker tans. I loved it but mom said no. So we painted it bright white. Which worked because we don’t get much sun in the room so it bounced the light around so even though it is bright white, most of the times it looks cream (a kind of dimmed pale yellow with a touch of grey) because of the lighting. If you turn on 3 lights, you can see it’s white. It’s interesting to me to realize that when you paint a wall, you have to think about the light after because the color will look different under different light, especially if the room doesn’t get a lot of sunshine.


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