Tummy Tuesday : Cup Cafe, downtown Tucson

Tummy Tuesday : Cup Cafe, downtown Tucson

Love the quiche at Cup Cafe in the Hotel Congress. The slice is huge and tasty, the crust has that perfect bit of crunch. Served with fresh spring salad and yummy fruit. And no toast! No carbs. Well no carbs until I saw the dessert menu. So I was good, then I was very bad, lol.


Cup Cafe is located in the lobby of the Hotel Congress.  The Hotel Congress has an interesting history.  Back in 1934, firefighters helped people escape a blaze to safety. One group of guys paid a firefighter $12 to retrieve their heavy bag.  This would be about $252 nowadays, a rather hefty tip to pick up a bag.  Of course the firefighter peeked into the bag.  It was filled with guns and money. And that, my friends, is how the Dillinger Gang was apprehended.

The Hotel Congress is also well known to be haunted.  There is a long-term tenant who used to like to use a butterknife like a screwdriver to fix things.  Apparently he is still dropping butterknives in unexpected locations all around the building.  In room 214, the ghost hates the sound of the vacuum cleaner and will unplug it.  The staff has taken to playing 1920s music in that room which seems to calm the ghost so they can finish vacuuming.  Speaking of music, there is a WWII vet’s ghost who will turn the jukebox volume up or down depending on whether he likes the music.

The most recent one in 242 occured in the 1990s with a standoff between a woman and the SWAT team resulted in her giving up her original plan of “suicide by cop” and shooting herself in the bathroom. Guests have been known to suddenly check out of that room.  Southwest Ghost Investigators and Tucson’s Finest Paranormal investigated her presence.   I didn’t even know we had ghost hunters.  Here are a few videos that have been made



I would have liked to gone upstairs to take a photo of the rooms just out of curiousity but I was afraid to ask.  But then what if something had appeared in my photos?  I’d probably get totally freaked out so it’s just as well.  Instead I had a happy yummy breakfast.  A much better plan on a sunny morning.


Cup Cafe @ Hotel Congress
311 E Congress St
Tucson, AZ
Sun – Thurs: 7am-10pm
Fri – Sat : 7am-11pm

Hotel Congress

Never look back: 10 Tucson places that are haunted
Tucson.com, October 17, 2017

Nostalgia Tucson Ghost Stories: Is Room 242 Really Haunted?
by Henry Barajas, Tucson Weekly, Nov 21, 2013


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24 Replies to “Tummy Tuesday : Cup Cafe, downtown Tucson”

  1. Hi, I’m not a huge fan of quiche. Mum made we eat one to many soggy slices as a child, but that one does look good and if it meant I got the pudding I would eat it all and seconds too. Huanted places intregue me, but I don’t think I’d have the nerve to explore too far in a haunted place.


    1. I am intrigued by haunted places too but not enough to stay overnight, lol. I’m a chicken. You might try quiche at a good restaurant — they’re not soggy at all — more like a more solid omelette. But I agree pudding is better than quiche any day — I have a major sweet tooth.

  2. Yes absolutely to the scrumptious quiche a resounding noooooo to the ghostly visitors! Excellent post CC, made me hungry and creeped me out too ?

    1. Nuf said? You open with that? hinted at a true ghost story and then close the book! awww, geez.

      I do like food. Tucson seems to have a lot of good restaurants lately. And healthier too. didn’t used to be that way before. Darn, now I’m hungry

    1. Yeah, I prefer haunted hotels during the day and when I’m not sleeping there. I like to hear ghost stories — not to see ghost stories, lol

      Hope you’re having a great week.

  3. Wow, what an interesting place and post! “Huge” is not an overstatement with that slice of quiche, it looks so good; what is the name of that cake? I love chocolate cake!

    1. Kahlua mocha mousse cake. With Kahlua being from Mexico, it should be right up your alley plus it’s delicious

        1. lol, I bet Mexico has lots of ghost legends too. I like ghost stories with breakfast in bright sunlight. At midnight, not so much, lol.

            1. The only one I know from Mexico is La Llorna — I learned about her from TV, “Supernatural” and “Grimm” series. I don’t much of other ghosts and legends from Mexico. Or Canada for that matter.

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