Feline Friday : Pinkie goes Artsy

Feline Friday : Pinkie goes Artsy

Pinkie opens her eyes.  Instantly awake, she looks at me, “What are you doing?”
“Working on a picture for Feline Friday.”
Pinkie’s eyes scan the room, “Where’s the camera?”
“I don’t need it.”
Pinkie purrs,”Uh huh. No camera. No picture. Even I know that.  I love this Feline Friday.  No bright lights flashing.” Contemplating a Sapien Saturday post, she thinks, how hard can it be to push that button? Looks easier than jumping up into the closet.  Wonder where the camera is. Purring at that thought, she closes her eyes and returns to her nap.


Comedy Plus hosts Feline Friday, a blog hop dedicated to cats.  Come and join the fun.


33 Replies to “Feline Friday : Pinkie goes Artsy”

    1. Pinkie shrugs, “Eh, humans are not that surprising. Us cats, we are surprising. Like when cats live with dogs, sometimes we jump on their back and ride them all around the house! Now that looks like fun! Mom won’t get a dog though so that I can try that out.”

    1. Tucks my laptop under the cushion — he doesn’t need to know about the free Topaz Labs Studio program with all of it’s easy to use filters — just one click, “Sure, sure I did. Absolutely slaved over the painting.”

    1. Pinkie purrs, “Good to have an appreciative audience. A cat must be patient. After all humans can be a little slow with the kibble and occasionally we have to pat them to wake them up for our breakfast.”
      I whisper, “Hush Pinkie. Thank her for her visit and her lovely comment.” Pinkie purrs, “I will, in a moment, after my nap. Naps always come first. This is how we get our patience.”

    1. Pinkie quirks an eyebrow (do cats have eyebrows? do those little strands of hair even count?), “I am very intriguing? Of course I am and mysterious too. I’m a cat!”

      I nudge Pinkie, “Say thank you, Pinkie.” Pinkie rolls her eyes. Pinkie says, “But it’s true. Why do I have to say thank you for something that’s true?”

      I reply, “Because it’s nice and she visited.” Pinkie snorts, “Well, that’s it then. I’m a very intriguing cat. Never said I was a nice cat.” And Pinkie closes her eyes to go back to her nap, a very important task.

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment. (Pinkie sniffs, taking all compliments as her due) “Be nice, Pinkie,” I admonished. Pinkie purrs, “Viola does seem like a lovely person.”

    1. Pinkie purrs, “Thank you, We know we are a clever cat!”

      I’m glad you liked the way I did Pinkie’s cat art. It’s fun to do that.

      Hope you’re having a great day!

    1. Didn’t you say you had cats? Are we going to get to see them today? If so, let me know. I love cats (obviously, lol).

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