Feline Friday : Peeking Pinkie

Feline Friday : Peeking Pinkie

Pinkie, my calico cat, curiously peeking out

Last Monday I was heading to California with Pinkie and MIdnight when my car wouldn’t start after I stopped for a short visit with my friend Pam in Tempe, Az.  Tuesday I find out my insurance doesn’t have towing so I signed up with AAA.  They said their benefits kick in after 48 hours so after 5pm Thursday.   So Pinkie, Midnight and I stayed at my Pam’s house for a few days until I could get a tow.

As soon as Pinkie got out of the carrier, she headed behind the TV and stayed there for a day.  She would peek out occasionally to see what everyone was doing.  Wednesday she was bored with hiding and came winding around my feet for attention. My mom thought she was allergic to cats so she used to pet Pinky with her foot. Pinkie prefers to be petted that way and runs if you try to pet her head with your hand.  She’s a good cat.  A little nutty but then so am I.

Comedy Plus hosts Feline Friday, a blog hop dedicated to cats.  Come and join the fun.

P.S. Walked one mile Friday. Two days in a row! woo hoo!

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  1. I just noticed today–let me add I have some vision problems–all the pages you have at the top of your website. I looked at them before once. How you actually got “posts” on the pages is a bit of a technological marvel to me. I shall look into it. Have a good week beginning June 19, Mary!

    1. Do you mean the menu at the top? WordPress makes it easy for you. When you make a post, you can choose categories. If you want you can show the categories as links in your top menu. Then if people click on it, it shows all the posts in that category. It helps with someone like me who has varied posts so visitors can go to the topic they like like cats and ignore the rest. WordPress makes the menu automated so you don’t have to do anything except mark the category and you can even set things up to be subcategories. You can set your menu to show all your categories or specific ones. the only problem is changing something can be a pain — for example, I am thinking instead of Cats, I should have Pets with a subcategory of cats, dogs. But it means going back to those posts and changing the category to pets and subcategory cats. I have a lot of cat posts, lol, so …. still thinking about it.

        1. Sorry. I misunderstood you. From your comment, I thought you wanted to put more stuff in your menu but I see that you already have a menu going.

          1. No you did not misunderstand. I wondered how you can put individual posts on a separate page, and you say by doing categories. I get that but I just don’t see how to do it yet. Actually there is no need for me to it, so don’t bother to try to explain it to me!!! If i need it I will google it!

    1. Yeah, they do have the advantage because they can squeeze into teeny tiny places.

      Pinkie preens, purring, “Thank you! I like it when people say I’m beautiful.”

  2. Aw what a sweetie! My cat’s hid in the cupboard underneath the TV next to the DVD player before, such a tiny gap but he liked it in there, very snug. Got to chuckle at crazy cats 🙂
    Caz x

  3. A good and pretty little girl. That was a smart move, I didn’t realize they had the 48 hour waiting period and tows are soooo expensive. I can’t remember how far they tow you but I know I get pretty nervous when I go outside the tow miles. Pinkie and Midnight travel with you? Wow, good kitties!

    1. First time I tried to travel with Pinkie. Both of them hated it. But I wanted to visit a friend in California for a couple weeks and thought it would be better if I brought them with me.

    1. She didn’t think so, lol. She does not like the car at all. I should rub the seats down with catnip. That might help.

  4. I’m glad you got it done. So adorable and my kitty used to hide behind the television too. Glad you got AAA. We’ve had them since the 80s.

    Have a fabulous day, Scritches to the Pinkie. ♥

    1. I had AAA for a long time too. My fault I had put the renewal envelope aside and then forgot about it. And, of course, Murphy’s Law, that’s when you need it. I didn’t know about the 48 hour rule.

      Pinkie purrs “thank you for saying I’m adorable”

  5. Lucy says “nice to meet you pinky, I think your smart to do hiding in a new place”. Steph says Hi, and you look very cute and carefully curious.

    1. Pinkie says, “Hi Lucy! I do love my hiding place. It’s fun to peek out too. Hi to you Steph! I am curious but I like to go outside when it’s not so hot so I know how to be careful too.” Preens, purring. “Thank you. Being cute is a talent.”

      1. Very much a talent, Pinkie. You’re wise not to go out in the heat of the day! Hi you, Mary and Midnight. Lucy is our drinking from the sprinkler

        1. Midnight pouts, he’s a little jealous because Pinkie and Lucy go outside but he’s scared to. Does Lucy not mind getting wet from the sprinkler?

          1. Lucy doesn’t like getting wet from the sprinkler, particularly on her back. Wet feet seem to bother her less than many cats. And Midnight, staying inside is probably a wise choice, as cats who live indoors in general live longer and healthier lives than cats who are outside too much. Lucy only goes out a little bit when someone is home to keep an eye on her.

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