Budget: Blogging income (August report)

Budget: Blogging income (August report)


My goal is to double my income blogging each month until I can consistently do $3,000 a month.  Part of it is I want to travel, see more of the United States but do it by road — no flying — taking pictures and writing.  I have an idea of a project I want to do.  Money is one obstacle. $3,000 a month is necessary because you figure health insurance at my age is going to be somewhere between $600 to $1,000 a month to have any kind of decent coverage.

The second obstacle are Pinkie and Midnight, my two cats.  They hate each other so right now one wanders the house while the other hangs out in their room and then vice versa, taking turns.  If I traveled, I would take them with me which means they would hopefully get along by then.  Also they both hate car rides — maybe even more than they hate each other.  This obstacle worries me but I figure I’ll cross this bridge once my income gets to the point that long trips become feasible.

The third obstacle is pretty minor.  I used to take photographs using slides on a manual camera.  Now I need to improve my skills with a digital camera.  I like the ease of the card — being able to see my pictures instantly instead of waiting to develop them.  But looking at all the possible settings make my eyes go woopy.  Getting over “new tech anxiety”, just takes practice and opening the manual.

Ok, so how am I doing on the first goal, doubling my income each month?  I am trying to add one new thing to make money using my blog, phone apps or the web. The goal, of course, is to rely only on the blog but for right now all three will do as it will create a mobile income.

Ibotta:  $28.50  grocery rebates

July, I made $28.50 from Ibotta.  Ibotta is kind of a combination of United States rebates and affiliates.   I get $5 per person who signs up when they use “smtiuhc” as the referral code after they download the Ibotta phone app.  Also you get money back on groceries, Uber, a percentage back at a few mobile shopping sites like Groupon and Ebay, and a percentage back at walk-in stores like Krispy Creme or Jo-Anne’s.

July’s 28.50 was money back rebates only from grocery shopping.  So strictly speaking it was grocery savings rather than income.  But a penny saved is a penny earned.  Ibotta gives you an option of receiving cash sent to Paypal, a Walmart giftcard or an Amazon giftcard.  I chose Paypal because Paypal can deposit the money directly into your bank account without taking a fee for doing so.

My first Ibotta post: Budget: Ibotta and Rebates


Ibotta:  $51.50  broken down as follows:

$10.00 affliate income. 2 people joined using the “smtiuhc” referral code so I got the credit. Both joined thanks to Carol’s
cheerleading. I wish I had a friend besides Carol but Mom’s
illness made her a bit of a hermit so I became one too when I
moved in 8 years ago to help out.  I need to socialize more but
I’m out of the habit.  I have started going to a couple writer’s
groups locally so that’s a start.)
$10.00 bonus — Ibotta gave a bonus this month of an extra $10 for
2 people joining under me.  Should have been under Carol and
her $10 but she doesn’t have a smart phone.
$31.50 grocery rebates — money back on food I bought.  Oh and
cat food and litter.   I think around $30 in food rebates will be
my norm for most months.  I like doubling the savings.  Safeway
had a dozen eggs on sale for 88 cents and Ibotta had a rebate on
any eggs for 25 cents so it only cost 63 cents total.  Frys had
Fancy Feast Creamy Delight cat food on sale for 60 cents a can,
Carol gave me a coupon for $1 off 4 cans and Ibotta had a rebate
for $1 for 4 cans plus a rebate for 25 cents on any canned cat
food.  So 60 x 4 = $2.40 – $1 coupon – $1.25 for 2 Ibotta rebates
and it cost me 15 cents for 4 cans.  Too bad Carol only had one
coupon or I’d have done it again.  Midnight really loves the
creamy delight so now I’ll have to start getting it regularly, lol.
This is a hazard of trying out something new on a rebate. Ibotta
does take time though because you do have to scroll through the
rebates and activate them, then scan the receipt and barcodes
when you get home.

Amazon:  $3.00 for one order for an Amazon Firestick 

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote | Streaming Media Player  was my first order as an Amazon Affiliate.  You sign up to be an Amazon Affiliate but they don’t finally approve you until the first order.  Then they check that you have a legit website or blog.  I passed muster so I am officially an Amazon affiliate.  The $3 is still with Amazon though as they won’t transfer the money to you until you hit $10.00.

August total: $54.50

I did not quite double my income. $57 would have been double July’s but it was pretty close so I’ll take it.  In September, I will add one more thing to the mix — not sure what yet — maybe surveys or mystery shopper or another affiliate.

On blogging:  Big learning curve  in August because I’m so new.

  • I found the like button so in August, I started to get likes.
  • Late July, I started Facebook.  In August, I was surprised because I got back in touch with some people I hadn’t talked to in years in other states.
  • I started doing Daily Prompts as haiku and reading other Daily Prompt entries.
  • I did one week on the Daily Post’s First Friday, commented on other people’s comments and got my first follower.
  • I joined Pinterest and started pinning.  I’ve really gotten into doing haiku daily and a lot of times I put the haiku on an image as well and pin the image.  In the past week, people have started getting interested in my pinned haiku images and coming over to the blog. I’ve noticed the incoming Pinned folks on my life traffic report but for some reason it doesn’t show up on my wordpress stats that they came from Pinterest.
  • I started the month with no followers and now I have 15! 14 are wordpress reader followers and one email follower. I have also started following other people’s wordpress blogs. I enjoy the photographs, poetry and essays.
  • Started saving my stats to a spreadsheet as they disappear after 3 weeks.  Also have started checking my live traffic to see where people are coming from.  Mostly I can’t tell but a few are coming from Pinterest, Facebook and WordPress.
  • My views have doubled in August.  More importantly my visitors have tripled. My posts were getting 1 -3 views end of July weekly but by the end of August they were getting 10 or more on the new posts usually within a couple days of the post.  Right now my only regular commenter is Carol — she’s an amazing friend. I’ve begun to post at least 1-3 comments on other folk’s blogs.  Mostly because people put out some interesting stuff.

For September: I plan to start a Twitter account for the blog. My Facebook is just a family and friends Facebook so in September I’ll start a Facebook for my blog.  I am also thinking of splitting off my haiku and home posts to two different blogs but maybe will wait until October.  I think I have a good name for upcoming haiku blog: Cactus Haiku.  However, I still haven’t decided what to change my budget/home blog to.  Winter and Carol don’t like Restructuring Life but I haven’t come up with anything yet.

Ok, that’s the monthly wrap up for my blog/mobile income and my blog networking.

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