Challenge A: Day 2. Getting car running (not used in 4 years) or get a bike

Challenge A: Day 2. Getting car running (not used in 4 years) or get a bike


Ok, short report.

check the fluid levels for oil, brake, and water and they were fine.  Except for a big spider being near the oil thingie.  Ewww!  Hosed my engine down to get the  spider away from the oil tube so I could check the level.  Added a little bit of fluid  to each but not much.  I think that’s good news, right?  Means none of them have a tube that leaked emptying it out?  oh well, we’ll see soon enough. My engine leaked oil before (four years ago) so I was expecting it to be out of quite a bit of oil so was surprised. I didn’t have to add any oil at all.

Carol suggested I call my insurance and see if I have towing — if I do, they can come out and put air in the tires.  That would be great as they are low. I’ll check tomorrow.  I don’t know if I can use it on a car that was dead before I restarted the insurance.  The insurance company is going to pick up the silver car on Friday.

Can’t find my racket wrench set with the small mm thingies.  I think the battery screw is 10mm?  so I’ll just by one socket wrench that size tomorrow.  I think I left one door not fully closed so I might have lost my charge, though, darn it.

Cindy said to check my wires and bushings.  Have no clue what a bushing is.  Sounds like a bird.    So I went to Wikipedia to look it up and saw this picture which makes me think of spark plugs.  Wiki also said “In electric power, a bushing is an insulated device that allows an electrical conductor to pass safely through a grounded conducting barrier such as the case of a transformer or circuit breaker. Bushing is made up of Porcelain material.” Spark plugs are often made of porcelain, right? I do need to check my spark plugs.  I’ll do that tomorrow too so if I need replacements, I can get them the same time as I get the socket wrench.

I’ll also see if I can’t find my book i bought on the car.  It’s one of those fix-it-yourself books.  I bought it ages ago so should have it somewhere.  I really need to reorganize the house so things are where I know they are rather than in places where my dad and mom used to keep them.  It’s a pain to find anything that’s not in my bedroom.

So ends day 2.  Not much but at least I keep plugging away.  Can’t believe I can’t find my socket wrench kit .  I loved that little black box and have had it for decades.  I know I brought it back with me from California.

Oh yeah, still looking at cars on craigslist.  I saw one I liked and no contact info — you just have to use the craigslist email thingie so I did.  Seems too cheap but I’d like to take a look anyways.  It’s a minivan and would be perfect for a roadtrip with two cats who hate each other.

Bushing, Wikipedia.  Photo by Alexy Namidov on Wikipedia.



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  1. First things first. Cars that sit for long periods of time have stagnant fluids just sitting in there. Fluids that may no longer be viable for performing their assigned duties, like lubricating your engine. Change the fluids. I wouldn’t worry about spark plugs just yet, and ‘bushings’ are parts of your suspension. They are rubber/plastic things that fit between components and absorb vibrations, control the amount of movement in the joints and reduce noise. Hoses are also rubber type items that do not benefit from sitting a long time either, they can rot out and leak. The fuel in the gas tank is also shakey. I’d drain the fuel tank and flush the fuel system if possible before adding fresh gas. I’d also flush the brake system and add new fluid. If the car has been sitting for 4 years, some of the gaskets have probably dried out and can leak.


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