Tucson : Old Pueblo Trolley museum


Note: if you follow my Cactus Haiku blog, this was posted there as well but with a poem. Most Tucson posts will be crossposted in both places.

trolleys in stages of renovation

The murals (I haven’t shown you yet, lol) turns out to be in the backyard of the Old Pueblo Trolley, an operating transit museum.  It’s free to visit and it’s amazing, filled with old buses, trolleys and even a couple of antique cars.  They Continue reading Tucson : Old Pueblo Trolley museum

quotidian tea : vintage plates reflect history


Dutch goes the Photo has the challenge “quotidian” for the week.  I hadn’t seen the word before and had to go look it up. I just love that word: my new word for the week.  It rolls off the tongue. It means “everyday, ordinary”.  To me, it’s a reminder that even everyday things can be special. Continue reading quotidian tea : vintage plates reflect history

Flash mobs


Love this video.  (whispers: I just discovered flash mobs!  I adore them.  I know  I am so behind the times! What can I say, I like vintage). A few days ago, airport employees left their desks and broke out into dance to end the year much to the surprise of the people still in line. Now you know why they tell you you have to check in an hour early!

I love musicals so seeing people break out in song in real life in mundane Continue reading Flash mobs



When I first saw that cottony appearing fuzz on prickly pear cactus, I thought it was a fungus.  Surprisingly, it’s an insect harvested for the carmine acid in its body to deter predators.  The Aztecs used the dye back in the day and it was spread to Spain when Central America was conquered.  During the colonial period, the dye was the second-most valued export after silver party due to the Continue reading Cochineal